Armor in Rogue Trader is the equipment that every character wears in order to resist or reduce the incoming damage from Enemies. Every time a character is attacked, their Armor Class must exceed the hostile attack dice in order to fully resist damage taken. Armor usually affects the movement of the character wearing it, as the heavier the armor, the lower the chances to dodge attacks. It's always wise to see what's convenient for every party member according to their class and background, to learn what types of armor suits them better.

What are the Armor Categories in Rogue Trader?

The Armor in Rogue Trader is categorized into 4 different types:

  • Helm
  • Chest Armor
  • Boots
  • Gloves

When a character equips an armor in Rogue Trader, they will gain a level of armor deflection, armor absorption, and other unique defensive properties. Depending on the armor type, it may also come with a dodge penalty. This reduces their effectiveness when dodging certain enemy attacks. Choosing the right armor for each member of your crew is vital to the success of each battle. Making sure that your crew can handle the incoming enemy attack will dictate the outcome of future battles. Additionally, knowing when to swap gears is also important especially when you're exploring unknown locations.

Where to Find Armor in Rogue Trader?

Players can usually find Armor from their fallen enemies, earn as a reward for completing quests, and find them from chests that become accessible when exploring new areas. This allows players to find the right type of Armor for each member of their crew and customization in Rogue Trader has been a big part of the Warhammer games. This allows for a tailor-fit experience that will suit the different combinations a player can have within their crew. However, during the Beta Access earlier this year, players have come across experiences wherein it was incredibly scarce to find good loot for armor upgrades. There are also complaints about how slow their gear is progressing compared to the character. We are looking forward to when the game is fully released to see if there will be any changes in terms of Armor availability in Rogue Trader.


Chest Armor in Rogue Trader



Light Chest Armor

abbreviated carapace light armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Abbreviated Carapace


slick bodyglove light armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Slick Bodyglove

armoured bodyglove light armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Armoured Bodyglove













Medium Chest Armor

enforcer carapace medium armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Enforcer Carapace

flak armour medium armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Flak Armour


pirate chainmail medium armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Pirate Chainmail













Heavy Chest Armor

tempestus carapace heavy armor rogue trader wiki guide 192px
Tempestus Carapace


















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