Bosses in Rogue Trader are the ultimate Enemy of a certain area or a certain Quest. Bosses are the toughest Enemy and they have very special abilities, but they also grant the most XP and the rarest Drops. They are generally accompanied by minions and may change their Combat mechanic through different stages as their Health Points lower throughout the fight, in some cases they will move to another scenario when they find some advantage or they may become enraged. Boss fight scenarios are usually very big and may change during the fight.

Defeating a Boss usually triggers events that allow the player to advance in the game's progress.

Where to Find Bosses in Rogue Trader

Bosses are the ultimate Enemy and can be found normally at the end of a Quest or after advancing a good portion of a long Quest. Some Bosses are required to be defeated to complete a location or gain access to a new one. Bosses grant a lot of XP in comparison to regular enemies and may drop valuable Items when defeated. Main Bosses are not avoidable, as they are naturally part of the game's story.

There are also some Bosses that go through different stages when they lose a certain amount of Health during combat and will have an increased number of power and skills. These stages often make a boss more difficult and less predictable.

Boss Battle in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Bosses in Rogue Trader are usually never alone. They often come with minions or weaker enemies that will increase the challenge of defeating a Boss. A boss itself is already strong because of their huge Wound bar, and it will take planning, and setting up the area to get the results you want out of a boss battle. Just like when engaging Enemies in combat, the game will transition to a turn-based tactical game where you will see all the participating characters. At the center of the screen, you will see all your party members highlighted in green.

If an upcoming combat is something that your party is aware of, you will be able to prepare your party and position them in the right places, this is called the Preparation Phase. However, if this is a surprise or sneak attack, there will be no option to reposition your crew. For each turn, a character has limited moves which include its Movement Points, Action Points, Initiatives, and Abilities, then, alternating with the enemy AI including the boss.


Rogue Trader Bosses

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