Character Creation in Rogue Trader gathers information about the various aspects of the main character that will determine the strengths and weakness from the starting point. The protagonist is not the only playable character, as the companions can also be controlled by the player, but companions have default stats that can be later modified but not at the time of character creation, that's why this page only covers information about the character creation of the protagonist only. For more information about Companions, visit Companions.

This page contains the range of possibilities and information about details of each feature, background, class, or any other aspect of the main character creation. For recommendations, check our Builds

Rogue Trader Character Creation Guide


Rogue Trader Character Creation

Pre-Generated Characters

During Character Creation, players are presented with an opportunity to create a character from scratch or pick from 1 one of the 3 available pre-generated characters. This will include Hecata, Darrius, and Bahardor, each of these characters has a different combination of Backgrounds and Abilities, but they are created just in case players get overwhelmed by the massive choices available during character creation. A Pre-Generated Character can help new players get settled into the game and begin playing in a short amount of time. Players can still customize these characters but will be presented with pre-existing combinations. Players can choose from three different Archetypes: Soldier, Operative, and Warrior. The fourth and considerably the most difficult archetype to master was excluded from the selection which is the Officer. If you decide to pick a pre-generated character, you can still change their appearance.

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Rogue Trader Custom Character Creation

If you want to start from scratch and really customize your character to the fullest, choose the Custom Character option from the Pre-Generated Characters tab to get started. You will have full flexibility on how you would want their appearance to look like, their origins, archetypes, characteristics, and more. This gives players a plethora of customization options to choose from.

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Once you've decided to create your own custom character, you'll immediately go under the Appearance tab, from there, the first thing you'll do is to choose your character portrait. You can choose one from the pre-made portraits available, or you can create your own custom portrait. Choosing from the pre-made portraits will give you a base starting point for your character's appearance as it will closely mimic what's shown on the portrait you've chosen.


For the appearance section, you can change your gender, up to 16 face types, 3 body types, and a number of skin tone choices. Here you'll be able to modify and personalize your character's model visually to captivate the way you want to represent your character.



For the hair section, it will offer you an impressive selection of 24 hairstyles to choose from, and this section extends beyond just the hairstyles, it also allows you to personalize further by selecting your preferred hair color, eyebrows, facial hair, and more.


Of course, you can also add tattoos on your character. This adds a layer of personalization that goes beyond the ordinary. You are allowed to put 5 tattoos on your character, selecting from a diverse collection of 36 designs. Whether you seek aesthetics, symbolism, or both, the tattoo customization feature empowers you and creates a character that complements your character's identity.



As this is set in the world of Warhammer 40,000, the character customization extends to essential augmentations. The universe in which Rogue Trader is set has technological enhancements and augmentation is a cornerstone of personalization when it comes to creating your character. There's an array of cosmetic augmentations to choose from, and this allows you to create a character that blends organic and mechanical.


Lastly, you will be able to choose your character's preferred voice. This is a pivotal facet in character customization and the different ranges of voices to choose from will resonate and amplify the personality of your character.


Rogue Trader Homeworld

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader features 5 different Homeworlds that players can come from. Each of these worlds has its own environment and way of life, which can ultimately modify your character in various ways such as Features, Stats, and Talents. This can influence your character's build significantly if you decide to play around it.

Death World

On Death Worlds, the plants, beasts, and sometimes even the environment itself take aggressive and destructive forms inimical to human life. Whilst exceptionally difficult to colonize, many death worlds possess valuable resources that require an Outpost or other human presence upon the planet's surface to harvest. These harsh environments result in some of the hardest and most resilient populations in the galaxy. Those tested and found wanting die young.


Characteristic Modifiers


The following features will be available after origin advancement.

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Voidborns are humans birthed in the belly of a void vessel or aboard an ancient orbital satellite. Those who have lived their lives on Voidships become inured to some extent due to the reality-altering process of warp travel and to living in low or zero-gravity environments. In many cases, their features are drawn and their skin pallid. They may even have minor deformities, or a strangeness to their speech, gait, or general appearance that sets them apart from others.


Characteristic Modifiers


The following features will be available after origin advancement.

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Hive World

A Hive World's population is so dense that great swathes of the world's surface are frequently covered in gargantuan cities bejeweled with towering spires that pierce the atmosphere. Hive Worlds are vital to the welfare of the Imperium and are the beating heart of its economy and war machine. They produce munitions for the Emperor's armies in vast manufactories, mine valuable minerals, and refine fuel for the Imperial Fleet. Innumerable regiments of the Astra Militarum are raised from their massive populations as well.


Characteristic Modifiers


The following features will be available after origin advancement.

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Forge World

Forge World Characters choose one augmentation system from the following list, which serves as their Feature. This is unique to the Forge World Characters unlike other Homeworlds where their feature is automatically set. Additionally, Forge World Characters also gain bonus points to Intelligence and Toughness, while decreasing their Fellowship.

  • Subskin Armour: Grants +(5 + 2 TGH Bonus)% Armour.
  • Locomotion System: Grants +(AG bonus /2) MP and +(2 x AGI bonus)% dodge.
  • Analytics System: Grants +(10 + INT bonus)% critical hit chance.

Characteristic Modifiers


The following features will be available after origin advancement.

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Imperial World

Imperial World Characters do not get any bonuses instead, they gain the Feature: Humanity's Finest which gives them the option to choose which characteristic/skill (except for Weapon or Ballistic Skill) and add a +10 bonus, without any negatives to another stat.



The following features will be available after origin advancement.

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Fortress World

Fortress Worlds are planets where the entire populace is immersed in Warfare. They constantly train for the day that they may be called upon to defend the Imperium. A charge they solemnly uphold. Fortress Worlds are established as bulwarks against the enemy and every citizen is a soldier, trained to fight from the moment they can handle a weapon.


Characteristic Modifiers


The following features will be available after origin advancement.

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Rogue Trader Origin

One of the big choices that you will have to make during Character Creation is your Character's Origin. This provides your character with additional features, skills, modifiers, talents, and stats and will also impact your roleplay if you choose to engage in that aspect. Additionally, Triumphs and Darkest Hour are determined by your Origin and will have 3 options to choose from. Origins can be described as your character's identity or previous role before they became a Rogue Trader.

Astra Militarum Commander

The Astra Militarum, commonly known as the Imperial Guard, is the primary fighting force of the Imperium and the first line of defence from the myriad threats that endanger the existence of Humanity in the 41st Millennium. You have served as one of the commanders of an Astra Militarum regiment, commanding thousands and winning battles in the name of the God-Emperor.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement



Commissars of the Officio Prefectus are ruthless officers charged with maintaining the morale, discipline, and fighting spirit of their Astra Militarum regiment. You used to be one of those faithful servants of the God-Emperor, a living symbol of Imperium Authority, regarded with a mix of fear and awe by their subordinates.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement.


Crime Lord

The Imperium survives and prospers in no small part due to the narrowness of its vision, but a rebellious mind and will such as yours could not be so easily constrained. The dark paths of smugglers and renegades that wind behind the facade of Imperial Society offer a dangerous refuge for those unwilling to bow to the law. You used to be one of those dangerous yet resourceful individuals.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement.



Ministorum Priest

The Ecclesiarchy, known formally as the Adeptus Ministorum, is a vast institution that oversees the galaxy-spanning religion of the Imperium. The Ecclesiarchy's complex hierarchies of cardinals, missionaries, preachers, and zealous laity ensure the prescribed prayers and invocations are made, all the while instructing the masses to guard against heresy and deviancy. You used to be one of those fiery and charismatic individuals concerned with keeping a close watch on your congregation.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement.


Navy Officer

The Imperial Navy is responsible for the fleets of voidships that assert the dominance of the Imperium amid the stars and fulfill other duties connected to the void and warp travel. You used to be a Navy Officer and a commander of a Voidship, hardened in numerous battles and famous for resounding victories.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement.



The high nobility of the Imperium are an enormously privileged and powerful elite, a breed apart from the common masses they rule. You grew into adulthood upon a pedestal of affluence and grandeur that towered high above the common Imperial masses. You expected obedience and lived upon the fruits of their toil surrendered to your family in solemn fealty.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement.



Sanctioned Psyker 

A Sanctioned Psyker is one of the Origins available in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader and they can be identified as powerful psychics that can conjure destructive magic that can affect entire planets. Psykers are incredibly strong and often feared by the common people but those who survive the rigorous sanctioning rituals are selected to serve on the battlefield and become a Rogue Trader. Choosing the Sanctioned Psyker as your Origin will give you 2 immediate features on top of your Homeworld bonus, along with additional skills, modifiers, talents, and stats. A Psyker's ability scales based on their Willpower so for this Origin to work, it is ideal to combine it with a Homeworld that can accommodate it. Additionally, there are 5 psyker disciplines that players can choose from: Biomancer, Diviner, Pyromancer, Sanctic, and Telepath. Disciplines that were not chosen can by picked later at ability level up.

Sanctioned Psyker Stats and Overview

Psykers are feared and distrusted but are nonetheless valuable assets to the Imperium. The role of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica is to recruit, identify, and classify those found to possess psychic abilities. The most powerful who somehow survive the rigorous sanctioning rituals are selected to serve on the battlefield. The mind of a sanctioned psyker is steeled against the manifold dangers risked by wielders of warp powers. You were one of those found worthy to serve Humanity and have miraculously survived the perils of the warp.

Note: Damaging psyker powers count as weapon attacks, sharing their limit of attacks per round and gaining all the benefits of abilities and talents increasing damage of attacks. For example, a Soldier using the Run and Gun ability will be able to use damaging psyker powers twice per turn, and an Operative's Analyse Enemies affects damage of damaging psyker powers.


Characteristic Modifiers

Skill Modifiers

The following features will be available after origin advancement.


Sanctioned Psyker - Biomancer

Biomancers specialise in manipulating biological energy and processes with the power of their minds. They are masters of the flesh, learning to shape and influence their own physical forms according to their will, as well as those of their allies and enemies.

Sanctioned Psyker - Diviner

Diviners seek to discern the hidden past of the galaxy and know the course of events yet to come. These abilities allow diviners to look into the twisting strands of the Immaterium in search of the answers they seek and sometimes even influence the outcome of fate itself.

Sanctioned Psyker - Pyromancer

A pyromancer is a master of flame, a psyker who is able to create searing infernos out of thin air. Pyromancy is one of the most spectacular and destructive forms of psychic ability, and those who face a pyromancer in combat are often reduced to nought but a pile of charred bones.

Sanctioned Psyker - Sanctic

Psykers of the sanctic discipline master their connection to the Golden Throne to support their allies with holy might and stave off daemons and heretics.

Sanctioned Psyker - Telepath

Telepaths use their psychic powers in conjunction with their own minds to delude, control, and destroy the minds of their enemies.



Triumph is a selection of permanent bonuses that represents the character's greatest achievement and occasionally unlocks additional dialogue. There are 3 Triumphs to choose from: Apex of Brilliance, Illustrious Glory and Feat of Greatness. Its bonus and description depend on the origin.

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a selection of permanent penalties that represents the character's greatest failure. There are 3 Darkest Hours to choose from: Grim Portents, Brand of Shame and Shadow of Torment. Its penalty and description depend on the origin.

Rogue Trader Archetypes

Archetypes are development paths that your characters follow. Each Archetype encapsulates a unique set of skills and expertise and represents a specific combat specialization, from the front-line Warrior to the indispensable Officer preferring to command from the rear. The archetypes work in combination with your Homeworld and Origin. Archetypes are divided into 3 tiers: Basic, Advanced, and Exemplar. During character creation, you can only choose an archetype from the Basic level, and when you hover your mouse over the different archetypes, you can see which Advanced archetype will be available for you once you reach level 16. Once you reach Exemplar at level 36, you are able to choose abilities from the previous two archetypes you've chosen and advance them further.


Level 1 Archetypes in Rogue Trader (Basic)


Warriors are combatants boasting exceptional melee prowess, capable of dealing high damage in close quarters combat and withstanding heavy amounts of damage. They also excel at drawing enemies' attention from less defended allies.

Core focus: melee, movement and dodgearmour and parry, taunts, soaking damage.


Officers use their Willpower and Fellowship to improve the combat capabilities of their allies, turning them into even greater threats on the battlefield.

Core focus: extra turns, single target buffs, rescuing allies, momentum.


An Operative uses Intelligence and Perception to find and exploit weaknesses in an enemy's defences. None can withstand an attack from an Operative.

Core focus: precise single attacks, defence penetration, area debuffs, consistent firing position.


A Soldier is a master of all ranged weapons, quickly able to assume an advantageous position, from where they stand ready to rain fire on the enemy. While well-trained in a highly diverse range of arms, a Soldier is particularly proficient at blasting their targets with burst fire and area weapons.

Core focus: movement and ranged attacks, cover and dodge, burst fire, area attacks.


Level 16 Archetypes in Rogue Trader (Advanced)


Assassins are masters at identifying the slightest vulnerabilities of priority target and dispatching them by any means necessary.

Core focus: high damagedodge and dodge reduction, threat elimination, hit-and-run.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-requisite: Warrior or Operative


An unstoppable force on the front line and a beacon for their allies. Even when facing extremely heavy fire, a Vanguard only grows stronger in the crucible of battle.

Core focus: frontline leader, defensive support, temporary wounds, absorbing attacks, attack redirection.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-requisite: Warrior or Officer

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are methodical killers who leave trails of dead bodies in their wake. A Bounty Hunter chooses their next target before the previous one has even realised it's dead.

Core focus: critical hit, defence reduction, killing priority target, repositioning.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-requisite: Soldier or Operative


Master Tactician

The Master Tactician gains stacks of tactical advantage as they gain momentum in combat. They can then spend those stacks of tactical advantage on Press the Advantage Keystone Feature which gives them extra damage for every stack they consume. As they progress, they can unlock abilities like Inspire, which allows them to target an ally and give that chosen ally the bonuses of tactical advantage.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-Requisite: Soldier or Officer

Grand Strategist

Master of battlefield positioning for them and their allies, the Grand Strategist is able to increase the battle effectiveness of their whole squad by designating and strengthening important parts of the battlefield.

Core focus: battlefield control, ally buffs, unique utility, enemy debuffs.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-Requisite: Operative or Officer


An Arch-Militant is a master of all weapons imaginable, able to pick and choose effective combinations, making the most of them. Be it melee, or ranged, or anything in between - the Arch-Militant is the best at it, and becomes stronger and stronger with each second in battle.

Core focus: versatility, large template attacks, self-empowerment, switch hitting, crowd control

Level 1 Archetype Pre-Requisite: Warrior or Soldier


Level 36 Archetype in Rogue Trader (Exemplar)


As previously mentioned, the Exemplar is the final progression track where you'll be able to choose abilities from the previous two archetypes you've chosen and advance them further. Depending on the two archetypes you chose at level 1 and level 16, the talents, skills, characteristics, and other stats.


Rogue Trader Characteristics

Characteristics are your ability scores that determine your effectiveness and affect your secondary skills. During character creation, you will have 30 available points that you can spend and put into the 9 available skills. Do note that they only increase in increments of five, meaning you can spend a total of 30 points by placing 10 points in three different skills, or by placing 5 points in six different skills.

Weapon Skill (WS)

Weapon Skill (WS) reflects a character's competence in all forms of close combat. It increases their parry and reduces enemy parry and dodge chance against melee attacks. It also increases chances of scoring a critical hit in a melee combat.

Ballistic Skill (BS)

Ballistic Skill (BS) reflects a character's accuracy with all forms of ranged weapons. A high Ballistics Skill indicates that a character is a deadeye, someone to be feared in a gunfight or skirmish. The base hit chance for ranged attacks within a weapon's effective range is 30 + Ballistic Skill.

Strength (STR)

Strength (STR) describes how physically strong a character is. It affects the damage a character inflicts with melee weapons and allows them to lift heavier objects. For each bonus point of Strength, characters deal 1 additional damage with melee weapons. It also affects the Athletics skill.


Toughness (TGH)

Toughness (TGH) defines how easily a character can shrug off injuries, as well as how easily they can resist toxins, poisonous environments, diseases, and other physical ailments. It increases the chances of resisting negative physical effects and the amount of a character's wounds. For each bonus point of Toughness, characters gain +10% wounds. It also affects the Carouse skill.

Agility (AGI)

Agility (AGI) measures a character's quickness, reflexes, and poise. High Agility allows a character to manipulate delicate explosives with finesse or to keep their footing when crossing treacherous terrain. It improves the character's initiative, dodge chance, and reaction. If a character uses a melee weapon, their dodge reduction is equal to half of their Agility. It also affects the Demolition skill.

Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence (INT) is a measurement of the character's acumen, reason, and knowledge. It also affects the Lore (Imperium)Lore (Warp), Lore (Xenos), LogicMedicae, and Tech-Use skills.


Perception (PER)

Perception (PER) describes how well a character perceives their surroundings. Characters with high Perception can pick out a stray bolter shell casing in between the day-to-day morass of an underhive, or even tell when someone is being deceitful. It also affects the Awareness skill and reduces enemy dodge chance against a character's attacks.

Willpower (WP)

Willpower (WP) reflects a character's ability to withstand the horrors of warp, the terrors of space, and the dreadful opponents they are bound to encounter in the Koronus Expanse. High Willpower allows characters to exert control over a crowd or interrogate a heretic. It also increases the chances of resisting negative mental effects and psychic powers.

Fellowship (FEL)

Fellowship (FEL) represents a character's ability to interact with other creatures, to deceive, charm, or befriend them. High Fellowship will help a character find a way to approach a gathering of unsociable servants or to effortlessly make deals with treacherous merchants. It also affects the PersuasionCoercion, and Commerce skills.


Rogue Trader Voidship

The last part of character creation is where you choose your starting Voidship. All voidships can mount all equipment but the starting equipment depends on the selected voidship. You can also rename your Voidship if you're not satisfied with the default names presented for your chosen ship. During character creation, you can choose one from the 3 Voidships available. Once you've finished picking your Voidship, you will go the the Result tab and from there, you will see a summary of all the different choices you've made so far in character creation.

sword class frigate voidships character creation rogue trader wiki guide 300px
Sword Class Frigate

The Sword-class frigate is a classic combat-ship design, proven in thousands of battles, combining decent firepower, high speed, and respectable survivability.

Starting weapons: Mars-Pattern Macro-Battery x2, Mezoa Macro-Cannons, Mezoa Lance Weapon, Voss-Pattern Torpedo-Tubes (Plasma)

Starting shields: Simple Void Shield Array

falchion class frigate voidships character creation rogue trader wiki guide 300px
Falchion-Class Frigate

The Falchion-class frigate is a more advanced and modern design that was developed only five centuries ago but has already proven to be as good as veteran frigates like the Sword-class.

Only available for those who bought the Premium Digital Pack before release

firestorm class frigate voidships character creation rogue trader wiki guide 300px
Firestorm-Class Frigate

The Firestorm-class frigate is a modification of the Sword-class, designed to deliver fire strikes against larger enemy ships, not shying away from engagements with a superior opponent.

Starting weapons: Ryza-Pattern Plasma Battery, Mezoa Macro-Cannons, Mezoa Lance Weapon, Mars-Pattern Prow Battery

Starting shields: Glimmer-Pattern Void Shield Array (Prototype)

Requires the Deluxe Pack DLC


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