Companions in Rogue Trader are playable characters that can be added to your party and used as an asset during your quest across the galaxy. Each Companion has a particular set of skills and knowledge that will help you in different ways. It is wise to swap between Companions to pick a better team depending on the Quest you are about to start. Companions come from Factions and have their own personalities, individual backgrounds, and Lore, as well as their own relationships with other Factions and individuals.

Companions have proficiency in different types of Skills, Weapons, and Items, even though the player is free to equip them however they want. Note that it's always best to consider their proficiencies and equip them with the corresponding gear to get the maximum value from them. 

Companions recruited in the prologue

Companions recruited in chapter 1

Companions recruited in chapter 2

Companions recruited in chapter 3


Secret Companions in Rogue Trader

There are three secret companions that players can recruit in Rogue Trader




Rogue Trader Companions Guide

All characters have the same base Characteristics (Weapon skill, Strength, toughness, etc.) of 30. Their Origin and Homeworld give them different bonuses. 


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    • Anonymous

      there is another secret companion:

      if you kick Cassia (fun fact: you can still travel the warp without a navigator :D ), you can recruite a new Navigator

      • Anonymous


        There are at least 3 secret companions by the sounds of things, one for each conviction.
        Calligos Winterscale - Iconoclast
        Incendia Bastaal-Chorda - Dogmatic
        Uralon - Heretical

        Someone did say they recruited both Calligos and Uralon in their Heretical run so you might be able to get more than one. Unsure how true that is though.

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