Game Progress Route for Rogue Trader is a recommended progression path for players throughout the main campaign of the game to avoid missing objectives, Quest Items, important NPCs, Boss encounters, etc. This page contains the important points of interest to lead the player to a game ending. For a detailed guide, visit our Walkthrough page.

The Game Progress Route is a Work in Progress


Rogue Trader Game Progress Route


Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4
Act 5


By the Right of Blood

by right of blood quest rogue trader wiki guide

  1. Follow Kunrad Voigtvir
  2. Talk to Theodora Von Valancius
  3. Destroy the out-of-control Servitor
  4. Find the Arch-Militant Mort
  5. Head through the Warrant Chamber
  6. Seal the Warrant Chamber
  7. Receive Starting Equipment
  8. Accept Abelard's Aid
  9. Protect the Navigator Idira
  10. Talk to the Navigator
  11. Witness Sister Argenta's Arrival (Cutscene)
  12. Head to the Mess Hall and clear the enemies
  13. Witness and Resolve the Deck Enforcer's Cutscene
  14.  Reach the Secret Lift
  15.  Find Theodora von Valancius
  16. Head to the Voidship Bridge
  17. Defeat the Warp Creature
  18. Speak to the Master Helmsman


By the Right of Blood starts with the player meeting Kunrad Voigtvir on a ship's cathedral platform. After praising the temple, he discusses his role as a Master of Whispers. You can inquire about your situation, and introduce yourself, and he directs you to follow him to meet Lady Theodora Von Valancius. After progressing, you'll reach the current Rogue Trader's trophy room. A cutscene triggers as servitors "malfunction" and attack. This initiates the Combat tutorial, requiring you to shoot down the hostile servitor. He comments on the suspicious situation, urging you to proceed while he investigates. Before moving on, you can inspect the room's trophies for lore on the ship and its master. Upon exiting, you reach the bridge where the rogue trader speaks with subordinates. You can choose to interrupt or not, but she asks for your opinion, posing the following:

“Consider this hypothetical situation. Aion VI. A new world on the fringes of the Koronus Expanse. High seismic activity, regular magma eruptions, metamorphic rock deposits, and prospects for large-scale mining. The world is populated by natives who worship some heretical 'underworld spirits' that protect those who offer them sacrifices. Flights of fancy, you might say. But attempts to install ore extractors have failed for the second time — the mining crews sent to the planet's surface simply vanished overnight. My question to you is… What would you do with this poisoned treasure?”

The game will present you with several choices here, highlighting the Skill Checks in the conversation with a tutorial window:

  • [Lore (Xenos)] “Those 'spirits' could well be the natives' name for dangerous aliens — I would first verify if that is indeed the case and if the population of Aion VI engages in xenoworship.”
  • [Lore (Warp)] “There are ways to confirm whether What is happening on Aion VI is witchcraft or not. It might cost several psykers to do so, but it Will give us the answer.”


Choose an answer that impresses Theodora, granting you the chance to chastise Edelthrad. After answering her question and conversing, he departs. When the Rogue Trader asks why you approached her, a direct answer pleases her; otherwise, she scoffs. Discuss her background and starsector politics, then inquire about the next steps to trigger the next scene. Heretic Cutthroats and Brawlers surround the group, initiating an easy fight. Theodora and her retinue overpower them, so attack when possible for a quick victory. After the fight, she instructs you to find and help Mort, starting the next objective To locate Mort, ascend the stairs from the room; the path is linear. In a brief conversation, Kunrad joins. Theodora learns of a planned mutiny and worries about Edelthrad. Your next task is finding him on Transitional Deck 18. After parting ways with the Rogue Trader, Kunrad asks if you're ready to go; you can explore first. When you agree, he reveals himself as the mastermind behind the revolt, attacking you.

You will find yourself in the chamber with the sacred Warrant of Trade, a gift from the God-Emperor to the Von Valacius Dynasty, signifying their Rogue Trader status in the Imperium of Man. Voigtvir explains he needs your untainted blood to open the gene lock, as his is tainted by the Warp. During the conversation, encounter skill checks.

  • [Coercion] What sorry, pathetic excuse do you even have for your apostasy, you sordid. wretched piece of grox?

Something - either your tone or the venomous words - throws Kunrad off for a moment as hateful fury blazes from beneath the mask of a cold professional “Wretched? What do you know about wretchedness, Theodora's cur? Are you hoping to buy a grain of her indulgence with your blind loyalty? I know this delusion - but. thank the gods, it no longer has power over me. Humanity can rot I no longer serve mortal kind.

  • [Willpower 40] (Fight the voice in your head) Get out! I am not your puppet! (test if this opens the option for the weapons or not)

Compelled by Warp voices, approach the chamber. Use Tech 30 to identify the device as Archaeotech from a past era. The device recognizes danger, offers help, and defeats heretics, thwarting Kunrad's plan. Seeing failure, Kunrad teleports away, leaving you to enter the chamber. A cutscene reveals a piece of the Warrant of Trade. The Vox-Skull, the Warrant Sentinel, directs you to safety; one-way communication with Theodora is possible. To proceed, seal the chamber, follow the skull, and meet Abelard in the next zone. After assessing the carnage, he reluctantly believes your account of treason and provides you a weapon and armor for defense. The game will provide the starting equipment of your chosen Archetype. Equipped by Abelard, face 6 Heretic Cutthroats. Position yourself and Abelard away from them, mow them down as they approach. In close combat, send Abelard forward. After dealing with them, loot for 6 Swords and a Laspistol before heading to the Navigators Sanctum.

En route to the navigators' sanctum, meet Idira Tlass, Theodora's psyker, for a brief conversation about her powers and your Darkest Hour. Proceed to the Navigators Sanctum for a confrontation with cultists, two Sharpshooters, a Psyker, and two Brawlers. Utilize terrain cover for an easier fight. Loot Axes, a Psychic Staff, and Scrappy Autoguns from them. Having defeated the enemies, you find the navigator struggling against warp demons, fused to his chair. He urges you to leave, assuring readiness to translate back when the helmsman orders. Exit and head to the Officers Deck. Initially, a cutscene depicts Sister Argenta arriving at a group of pinned crew members, eliminating heretics while praising the Emperor. She then questions your identity, with an optional skill check.

  • [Lore (Imperium)] " What is a warrior of the Adepta Sororitas doing aboard a Rogue Trader's ship? Your orders serve the Ecclesiarchy, do they not? "
  • Abelard: " Sister Argenta is a guest of the Lord Captain." Abelard shoots her a quick glance. " And that story deserves its own time and conversation under more appropriate circumstances. "

After concluding the conversation, she joins your party. Loot nearby crates, then proceed with the mission by interacting with the mess door facing the hallway. In the mess hall, battle a mix of Heretic Assailants and Cutthroats. Utilize table cover and divert attention to Abelard. Idira Tlass's Lightning Arc is effective, especially if attacks are chained. Loot Swords and Scrappy Autoguns. After the encounter, loot the area before opening the left door, requiring a skill test. Unlocking the door reveals a storeroom with various loot, including x3 Melta Charge and x1 Operator's Gloves in a vault. After clearing, return to the hall and head upstairs to another iron door, unlockable with Demolition. Pass through, go east to the deck enforcers, triggering a dialogue cutscene where the Rogue Trader must decide among the following choices:

  • (Dogmatic) [Walk through the Fire] "The Emperor will guide the righteous on their path."
  • (Heretical) [Accept the offer of help] "Take my pain away. And give me power."
  • (Iconoclast) [Get the people off the bridge] "I will not leave my people in harm's way!"

In this walkthrough, we've chosen the Iconoclast option, leading to the objective failure of "Make it to the meeting with the Heir." Instruct the deck crew and party to fall back and find an alternate route. Move to the west side, approach the center railings, and choose "Crash the platform" with a Ballistic Skill. Cross the platform to trigger a cutscene dialogue and get a new objective, "Reach the Secret Lift." After the dialogue, proceed straight, turn right, and unlock the left-side door to reveal the secret lift leading to the Lord Captain's Quarters. Upon arrival, a new objective is to find Theodora von Valancius. Inside the study, discover Lady Theodora's body, and inspect it to update the quest log. Examine her body, the arch-militant's, shards by the desk, and papers. After the dialogue, loot the vault for x1 Rogue Trader's Cloak before heading to the voidship bridge.

Exiting to the voidship bridge, face an ambush by heretics, cutthroats, and a Combat Servitor. Position characters behind furniture for cover, with Abelard upfront by the small round table. Loot bodies for items like Grace of the Oblivious, Laspistol, and Sword. After clearing, exit. A cutscene triggers heading west, followed by a battle against a warp creature. Position units behind cover for a defensive advantage. After defeating the creature, a new objective is to speak to Master Helmsman, found by the central console. Start the ritual to take over as Lord Captain. 


Secrets of the Navis Nobilite

secrets of the navis nobilite2 quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Explore the station to find answers
  2. Restart the elevator
    • The elevator control rod can be rebuilt in the laboratory using blood and a sacred mechanism.
    • The power to the elevator must be restored using the cogitator in the guard room.
  3. Return to Felek
  4. Bring the monster to Felek
  5. Kill Felek
  6. Leave the station


After the events of the prologue Quest By the Right of Blood, you'll find yourself trying to resolve a few issues in order to get your voidship back in shape and get you back on track in your new duties as the head of the family. One of these issues is replacing your Navigator who perished in the recent struggle. Luckily, you ended up in the Rykad System, where potential Navigators can be found in the Navis Nobilite station. Unluckily, the station has repelled any means of communication and is not responding to any signals. Secrets of the Navis Nobilite will begin after you travel to and select the Eurac V station on the system map. Secrets of the Navis Nobilite also runs in conjunction with the Quest Looking for Trouble, as the Eurac V station is one of the potential places to search for the Lord Inquisitor's Interrogator.

You'll be apprised of the current situation by your new Vox Master Vigdis. After exhausting the dialogue options, you'll have no choice but to dock the station without permission and see for yourself why the station is not responding, despite your augurs finding bio-signatures within. When you're ready, dock the Eurac V and explore it with your chosen party members.

As you do, you'll see a cutscene of a Felek Orsellio interrogating some captured Navis Bodyguards. Getting nowhere with them, the bodyguards will be executed as you enter and speak to Felek yourself. He'll be extremely wary of you and order you to not take another step or else face his wrath. His description reveals that he is also a Navigator. If you choose the first option and simply introduce yourself, he'll introduce himself in turn as the Keeper of this station and proceed to say that you are not on the list of allowed visitors.

He won't be hostile at this point so you can ask for information about current events here at the station. If you do, Felek will give you a rundown of what's happened so far. It seems he was betrayed by Theobald Orsellio, his closest friend and second Keeper to the station. They've also captured and have begun torturing a Lady Cassia, who seems to be very important to the station. He'll backhandedly ask for your help.

If you choose the first option, he'll admit to his weakness and the bleakness of the current situation, for him and his people. However, you may be able to save Lady Cassia in his stead. To reach her, you'll have to recreate a relic with two parts and he will give you one of them. You'll also have to turn the elevator's power back on to reach her. Asking for a reason to help will confirm that they can help you find a Navigator should the present crisis be resolved. To remake the control rod, you'll need to reach the laboratory with Lady Cassia's vial of blood. The elevator can be powered by entering the right command sequence through the main cogitator.

If you want to, you can get more information about Lady Cassia and the station's situation through the first dialogue option of this last set of options. Any of the other choices, apart from taking him by force or attacking him, will conclude the dialogue and let you on your way. 

Loot this first area as necessary and then head to the left of the depowered elevator to jump over the fallen shelves. As you move forward you'll get a tutorial on Traps and disarming them. Make sure to do so as you explore the area, and don't just rush in willy-nilly. As you move forward, you'll eventually engage in combat against a Squad Commander and some guards. This fight shouldn't be difficult, but if you can, try to aim to take down the Guard Medicae first to prevent them from any healing. As always, keep your characters behind some cover, and you should be able to defeat all the Enemies without any issues.

Once all of them are dead proceed to loot as much as you want. The desk near a large statue and some disheveled bookcases have some Meteorite Chunks, while a chest on the shelf contains a Ripper Autopistol. There should be a book you can grab to the left of a large door which will be the Pontius Cipheus Gelacius, "On the Training of Worthy Servants at the Court of the Navis Nobilite." Further past to the right of the door should be the Intercepted Conversation Between Security Officers. Head back to the door and open it. Disarm the trap right past it before you proceed. You'll find some rubble on your right hiding a corpse that's carrying a Warp Seer's Goggles.

Open the first door on your left and loot the room, but be aware of the trap right in front of you. The door to the right opens to another small room which is connected to the hall you were just in. Across it is some debris you can clear to grab the Noble Silk Gloves hiding with the corpse underneath. Head back to the room across and then move forward to watch a scene showing a guard suddenly turning on the others because of some "whispers" he was hearing. After he dies, you'll be free to loot the room as necessary. There's a Data-Crypt H-41-OK on a desk in the corner of the room. One of the dead guards is carrying the Research Notes of Navis Laboratorum Custodian Fortunata Orsellio, Part 13.

Unlock the door on the right for some more loot. Notably, there's a Carapace Chestplate and a Longlas inside the locker. The room on the other side will contain people also suffering from the Archenemy's influence. Head out of this room and move forward into another one containing the cogitator spirit you'll need to awaken to get the elevator working. Do so and then you can read the logs if you want to get some cryptic information on what's been going on in the station, as well as someone everyone calls "the Child." Switch to the main chamber controls and then choose the sixth option to open the main door in the previous chamber, which leads to the laboratory. Next, click on elevator controls and choose to activate the elevator.

Head to the laboratory and loot everything in the first room. You should be able to acquire the Data-Crypt K-O4-OH, a Flesh Sample, a Psy-Crystal, some Biogel, some Black Water, and some Unidentified Acid. Open the door and move forward to the next part of the laboratory. Immediately to your right should be the Research Notes of Navis Laboratorum Custodian Fortunata Orsellio, Part 12. On the ground beside Lady Cassia's Medicae should be the Laboratory Journal H-4045LS. You can use the many ingredients you've found thus far, guided by the research notes and journals, to mix and match them to gain some items using the interactables in this room.

First off, you can input Psy-Crystal in Transducer to get the Crystal Dust. Then, put Data-Crypt-H-41-OK into Data-Crypt-Connector, a Mutated Flesh Sample in the Tissue Flask, Biogel in the Catalyst Flask, and Crystal Dust in Reagent Flask to get six Adaptive Antidote.

Additionally, you can put Adamantium in the Transducer to get the Adamantium Dust. Then, put Data-Crypt-K-04-OH into Data-Crypt-Connector, a Flesh Sample in the Tissue Flask, Unidentified Acid in the Catalyst Flask, and Adamantium Dust in Reagent Flask to get six Elixir of Wrap Neutrality.

When you're done and ready to progress the Quest, click on the part of the machines with the option to 'Remake the control rod.' Once you have the control rod, head back to where you met Felek and speak to him. Idira will have another one of her trances here. Asking for more information will yield little to no clear results, as is usually the case with vague visions. Afterward, you'll have the option to either hand over the elevator key, keep it for yourself, or try and ask more questions about what happened here prior to your arrival, guided by the journals and notes you've read thus far. 

If you choose to do so, you can ask who the 'Child' is and Felek will reveal that it is Lady Cassia herself, at least to the low-born. If you then choose to make a statement about the servants, he'll rebut that naturally they were led by traitors belonging to higher stations within the facility. You'll have a new option to straight up say that you don't trust Felek, while the previous option will then be replaced by an implied accusation - too many things that transpired required special commands that only a Keeper of the Station, had access to. He will rebut that Theobald is also one such Keeper. If you've exhausted all the logs you could view at the cogitator previously, you'll have two new options that either accuse Felek further or contribute to Theobald's innocence. He'll keep trying to dismiss the accusations no matter what you say, naturally. If you straight up accuse him, he'll come forward, revealing a zealous desire to protect their house from the destruction that Lady Cassia seems capable of bringing to them and accuse you of being in league with her and a Tisiphone.

  1. "What are you babbling about? I know nothing of this Tisiphone or monsters of any kind."
  2. "You could not be more wrong. But the idea of destroying your House becomes more appealing with every word you say."
  3. "Felek, you are obviously quite mistaken. I came here to get myself a Navigator, nothing more."
  4. [Attack] "And you will pay for your lies with your life."

If you choose to say that you don't know anything about any Tisiphone, he will seemingly sincerely apologize and reiterate his desire to protect his household from this Lady Cassia. You can choose the option to have her become your Navigator to free his house from her destruction, which he'll agree to. He'll give you a Glowing Stone that will supposedly depower her and allow you to take her. Finally, you'll be allowed to take the elevator up to meet her for yourself.

Up the elevator, you'll find her, as well as her charges, succumbing to her powers. You'll undergo an automatic Willpower test here to check if you will as well. If you choose the third option and steadfastly verbalize your strength of will, you'll be granted Iconoclast +3. You help rouse her from her trance and allow you to have a conversation with her. She'll then ask you who you are. If you go straight with the first option, she'll actually answer you quite respectfully, and then proceed to faint. Theobald will awaken from his own trance and come to her aid. He's still affected by the whispers, and understandably protective, resulting in a violent disposition. Naturally, he'll also demand to know who you are.

If you choose either of the first two dialogue options with skill checks and pass them, you'll gain 20 Experience. He'll calm down enough for you to make an actual introduction. Choose any option to get more information, and progress the conversation, all apart from attacking them. Finally, you can choose to either dispose of Felek, leave them to their own choices and consequences, or dispose of both Felek and Theobald and forcibly take Lady Cassia. Choosing the first option will end the conversation and allow you to move freely. Loot the place as necessary. When you're ready, head to the elevator and activate it. Theobald, Cassia, and the loyal followers will all gather around for a final bout.

You'll have a lot of help for this fight, especially if things have transpired as we've detailed in this guide. You'll outnumber Felek's guards by a lot, so just keep under cover as always, and fight back. Even Felek won't really be too much of a problem. After the fight, Theobald will die due to sustaining irreversible damage. Cassia will lament his death. 

Regardless of your choice of words here, she'll ask you what you're planning to do with her. All three options will have her come with you, but the first option will put emphasis on a contract first and foremost, and highlight it more as a bargain for getting her out of this station. If you choose the third option, she'll express her worry over the servants that are still here in Eurac V. Regardless of your choice, she'll eventually relent and see that it's an honour to accompany a Rogue Trader. Loot the place as much as you want. When you're ready, head back to the voidship bridge.

Back at the ship, Cassia will wish to speak with you alone before anything else. Depending on how you recruited her, she'll thank you for her rescue. She'll then say that she's ready for the communion ritual to officially become your voidship's Navigator, to which end she requests panting materials. From here, you can ask for more information about this request, as well as the ritual itself, and assure her that you'll have the materials delivered to the Sanctum Navis. After a bit of a harrowing description of the events that occur during the rite, she proves successful and bonds with the voidship. Your Vox Master will congratulate you but also remind you of the myriad of tasks still at hand. For now, however, Secrets of the Navis Nobilite will be completed.


The Starport

image217 roguetrader wiki guide fextralife 600px

  1. Defeat the Herald of Tzeentch
  2. Reach the Command Centre
  3. Speak to Governor Medineth
  4. Report Sergeant Malgar


The Starport mission will start by entering the Sewers, going to the northwest corner, and talking to the man for a combat encounter with the Herald of Tzeentch. Deal with aggressive NPCs and focus on ranged attacks for the Herald. After defeating enemies, search for items: Longlas, Laspistol, Hypnotising Pendant, and Knife. Explore north for a Goods bag above an air-conditioning unit. Return, exit north, and ascend stairs outside.

At the stairs, turn right for a scene with an Old Man and hostages. Decide to spare (Iconoclast) or kill (Dogmatic) the Fanatical Old Man after questioning.

  • [lconoclast] "Your Family may go. And so may you — but make sure I do not ever see you."
  • [Dogmatic] [Kill the old man] "Your Family will be taken care of. As For you, | condemn you to death."

If you spare him, the hostages will leave, and the old man will disappear in the opposite direction, granting you Iconoclast +3.

Go south, find a corpse in the eastern corner surrounded by traps, and disarm them to loot the corpse. Return to the Fanatical Old Man location, traverse the area, and descend the southern staircase to reach the command center entrance. Cross the bridge to Governor Medineth. Before talking, check the northern device for +28 Experience and dialogue options with [Tech] Check. Also, trade and get a tutorial from Tech-Priest Quartz Krame.

After trading, speak to Governor Medineth, triggering a [Commerce] Check.

  • [Comerce 45] "I need Fresh crew to replace those killed in the attack on the ship. And I need maternal compensation."

If you succeed in passing the Check you'll get +28 Experience and Profit Factor Gained +2. Discuss crushing the insurrection for a "Find out what is going on" quest update and +77 Experience. Report Sergeant Malgar's heroism and Kunrad Voigtvir von Valancius's betrayal. Ask about Heinrix van Calorx's location; the Governor says he's at the Hallowed Electrodunamic Cenobium.


Gleam of the Final Dawn

throne gleam of the final dawn main quest rogue trader wiki guide 300px copy

  1. Head to the monastery
  2. Reach the reactor
  3. Interrogator van Calox thinks the monks are hiding somewhere near the circular cogitator
  4. Find the surviving monks
  5. Commit Sabotage
  6. Destroy the safety system control altar
  7. Utter the Lutany of Actuation from the command throne
  8. Order the distribution servitor to raise the output to peak values
  9. Talk to the Rescued Tech-Priest
  10. Deal with Aurora
  11. Return to the landing area
  12. Talk to the governor


Gleam of the Final Dawn begins following a conversation with Governor Medineh concerning the events at the Monastery and the Interrogator of the Most Holy Inquisition, Heinrix van Calox. You 'll be able to continue to progress through Looking for TroubleRequest and Response & The Starport during this interaction. Your party will be sent to travel to the Adeptus Mechanicus Monastery which will be located on Rykard Minoris. The Monastery is located on Electrodynamic Cenobium. Travel to this location and loot the area and you will be free to explore the area until you reach the Monastery. Traveling to the Monastery will also progress through some objectives featured in other Quests. Be prepared for battle encounters against priests and cultists. Clear any battles you face and watch the area for traps. Once you reach the Monastery, the quest objective will update. 

Enter through a red door on the west side of the monastery. Opening the door will trigger a cutscene featuring Heinrix. Complete the dialogue with him to continue. You will need to further explore until you reach the reactor which will be through a few all in another room. There will be a few gates within the monastery and contraptions you can interact with before you move on. These mechanisms can be interacted with. Successful interactions will open the doors to a room with a chest full of loot. Clear the area of loot and move on. Watch out for electric surges that can emit from the walls that glow in blue as you continue. 

Eventually, you will reach a room with a captive Tech-Priest. Your new objective will. be to commit sabotage. All the mechanisms you need to tinker with will be in the same room. Destroy the safety system control altar, Order the distribution servitor to raise the output to peak values and finally, Utter the Lutany of Actuation from the command throne. This last task may require some additional Persuasion or Toughness in order to convince Pasqal to sit down on the throne to follow through with the task. Successfully sabotaging all three areas will update your objective. You can now return to the rescued Tech-Priest. Speak with the Tech-Priest to find out information on the archeotech reactor and continue. The priest will be near the sabotaged throne. This interaction could complete Request and Response as well. 

After your interaction with the Tech-priest, finish examining the area before you leave. Be ready to engage with Aurora. You will have an Iconoclast option and a few other dialogue choices. After the dialogue interaction, you will face the surrounding Priets and cultists. There will be 24 to beat in this battle, but a majority will have basic stats. Focus on getting in range and clearing the Electro-priests. Look for spots where multiple opponents are grouped and positioned together. These are ideal spots to deal an AoE attack to maximize the damage and the effectiveness of each attack. There will still be a short interaction with Aurora following the attack. This will give you the final objectives. 

Loot the area before you go and return to the landing area and your ship. This will trigger an interaction with Heinrix. Finally, you will need to speak to the governor back at the Command Center to complete the quest. 


The Chosen Ones

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  1. Find Evayne Winterscale
  2. Find Warden Casteglia


After completing Gleam of the Final Dawn, Governor Medineh will want to have you undergo the local ritual of Triumph to celebrate your aid and the new alliance. Taste of Victory will begin as your next Quest when you speak to him again, with its first objective being to deal with unfinished business. On that note, head to your voidship to view the Rykad System and then scan the planetoid below the system's star. After scanning, you'll find the prison as the only landing spot for your voidship and you'll have the option to explore it. When picking out your crew members, note that there will be traps to disarm as you explore the place, so bring someone who can disarm them.

Right as you land, there'll be some goods above you to loot. Shortly along the path, you'll meet Pilot Raquel who'll have mixed emotions of relief and fear as you approach her. You'll understand her current disposition if you choose any of the options that prompt her to tell her story. You'll have the additional dialogue option to ask why the heir to the Winterscale Rogue Trader empire would even deign to speak to the Warden rather than simply give the order to slaughter. Apparently, Warden Casteglia is a childhood friend of the heir, Evayne Winterscale, and so the latter wanted to try and settle things peacefully. Unfortunately, Evayne's group went ahead into the prison and hasn't been communicated with ever since. You can keep asking her questions to get more information if you want. When you're done, you can choose to dismiss her.

Additionally, she'll ask about her lover. If you've finished the Quest The Starport, and depending on your choices there, you'll be able to tell her that you either saved Jasper or respond to her in silence to imply his demise.

Past her will be an empty guardhouse. Open the sliding gate and move forward. Before the broken pathway will be the entrance to the barracks. When you're ready, head inside. Explore and interact with the search points as you want, but be careful of the traps. Disarm them with the right party member. On the tables on your right as you move forward will be the Prison Diary of Aati Shan, Part One. You can read it to get some insight into what kind of place the prison is, and what kind of man the Warden is supposed to be. 

When you're ready, move forward past the tables for a fight against some of the rioting prisoners. Before you do so, try to spread out your party, as your enemies will be able to throw grenades at you from afar. Use cover and hit back from afar as well, especially the targets behind the gate. The fight shouldn't be too hard, but be mindful of grouping up. After the fight, there's an opened gate to the left past the tables with some goods you can pick up. Head back and then move forward. Turn left first and examine a poster on the wall to tear it off and reveal a hole inside hiding some more goods, notably including an Improved Autopistol. Explore this large room as necessary. On one of the bottom bunk beds, you'll find the Prison Diary of Aati Shan, Part Two.

Enter the doorway past the beds, to the right, to find yourself behind the gates that were protecting some of your enemies in the previous fight. Loot them as necessary. Turn left at the closed gate to enter a room with piles of corpses. Loot the dead prison guard for the Prison Guard Key. Across the body is a table that has the Prison Diary of Aati Shan, Part Three. Read it to see how the Warden took a turn for the worse, leading to the prison riot you now have to resolve. Head back to the locked gate and open it with your new key. Open another locked gate to the right with Tech-Use this time and then do the same on one of the lockers for some goods, notably including a Lasgun.

Move forward along the corridor. You'll be stopped by a group of prisoners and fanatics. After spouting the usual zealous nonsense, the prisoners kill the other three from behind, revealing that they'd just been playing along with the others. You can choose any of the dialogue options to get more information either on them or on the warden and the prisoners. Depending on how much you've explored of the system thus far, you might've already come across their friends in a ship who were supposed to rescue them from prison. If you further ask for what you get in return for sparing them, they'll claim to be able to help you get some valuable goodies when you visit Footfall Station. If you verbally choose to spare them, they'll give you the location to find, and the person within it to seek, along with the message to give to get you on the fence's good graces.

Afterward, you'll get to choose what to actually do with them. Choosing the second option will have them give you a somewhat skeptical look before they run off to take you up on your offer. You'll get Iconoclast +1 for your choice. Move forward to a room with better lodging and Demolish or open the steel door to gain access to a large dresser. The desk on the left is hiding a Medikit, a Gas Cloud Grenade, and a Diviner's Staff. The large dresser will contain some usual cargo along with a Saturated Cape and the Foehammer. Use the exit near the dresser to head out to the main level. Build a bridge if you'd like to, for a shortcut back to the entrance of the area.

When you're ready, open the gate and move along the path past the corpses. At the end of the path will be a lift you can use to head down to the open pit. At the pit, follow the path down to find Warden Casteglia, seemingly doing something on Evayne Winterscale who's lying on an operating table. After some ramblings, notably mentioning Aurora, he'll take notice of you and acknowledge who you are. If you choose the first option to respond with, he'll call you the enemy of truth, and the first choice will be replaced with asking who it is that's on the operating table. If you choose that option, he'll confirm that it is Evayne Winterscale on the table. If you ask about the pit, he'll tease that you are already too late with regard to the item you're inquiring about. If you reference killing Aurora, he'll confidently laugh and tell you that you've only felled her mortal flesh, but she persists in another form. Note that he'll consider any mention of Aurora blasphemous, and he'll call on his allies to start a battle.

The riffraff he's with isn't anything to fear. The warden also won't be doing too much on his own. However, if you get his health low, he'll teleport to the Unholy Lens and heal all the way back up to full. It's in your best interest to destroy the Unholy Lens first and then pile onto the warden. However, if you can dish out enough damage quickly enough, you might able to bypass destroying the Unholy Lens and just kill the warden faster than he can use the device to heal up.

After the fight, you'll all approach and help the Winterscale boy on his feet. He'll meekly introduce himself to you while still bleeding from his mouth. Choose any of the options apart from killing him and he'll explain what you already know - he tried to use diplomacy, in contrast to his father's ways. Exhausting all other options, apart from killing him, will complete the Quest. Loot the area and pick up goods as necessary.

When you're ready, head out to the main level and make your way back to Pilot Racquel. Inform her that you've resolved the situation and that she is to help the tortured Evayne Winterscale make his way to your voidship. Time to head back to the Governor in the Bunker at Rykad Minoris. Now that you've completed everything else to do in the Rykad System, it's time to talk to the Governor begin your Triumph ritual, and progress the Quest Taste of Victory.


Taste of Victory

taste of victory3 quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Deal with unfinished business before the triumph.
  2. Fly to the Star Thoroughfare
  3. Talk to the Master of Ceremonies
  4. Board the prepared vehicle 


After completing the main story Quest Gleam of the Final Dawn, you can keep talking to Governer Medineh in the Bunker on Rykad Minoris and he'll express his desire to have you undergo an ancient ritual of theirs called the Triumph, to honour all the help you've given them. You'll be given the option to complete any unfinished business. If you haven't already, you can complete the Quest The Chosen Ones first, by heading to the small prison planet Rykadi Philia. When you're ready, select the option that tells him that you're ready for your triumph to progress the Quest and receive your next objective.

You'll see that your next objective will be to 'Fly to the Star Thoroughfare.' Simply exit out of the Bunker the way you came in to head to the Star Thoroughfare. Outside, you'll be greeted by two columns of the governor's subjects, ready to celebrate your greatness as you walk past. At the other end, the Master of Ceremonies is waiting. Move forward and talk to them to get an explanation of what exactly this Triumph ritual entails. Choose the first dialogue option to have them start explaining. It seems that it will be a celebratory march with your party toward the starport, with carefully chosen citizens scriptedly singing your praises as you bring the lifeless body of the enemy you'd just vanquished with you. 

At the starport, the governor will be waiting to greet you, along with a pyre prepared to burn the corpse you'll be bringing along. You'll have the choice of starting the flames of the pyre yourself or to give the governor the honors, to show the people the strength of your new alliance. There will be a third dialogue option here where you can convey your disapproval of a choreographed and scripted affair and how you wish for ordinary people to speak to you sincerely. The Master of Ceremonies will be surprised but will relent with this request. By their leave, you can head up the stairs to a crowded plaza, click on the large tank, and begin the ceremony.

A cutscene will ensure as your crew marches through the streets, with you waving at the people from atop the tank. At the end of the march, the Master of Ceremonies will announce that the citizens wish to bring you gifts. You'll have three dialogue options as you suspect something terrible is about to happen. If you choose the second dialogue option and order the guards to usher the people away, they will begin to do so after a moment of confusion. A vestige of Aurora will suddenly appear by her corpse and cry "Behold the Final Dawn," as cultists appear and start killing everyone in sight. A cutscene ensues where a dozen ships will be seen doing something to cause the system's star to disappear.

A battle begins against the cultists. This fight shouldn't be too hard, but watch your party member's health bars and keep everyone topped up. Avoid the violet miasma that will be covering some parts of the battlefield, as merely passing through them will inflict damage. Attacks that can hit multiple Enemies at once can make this fight quicker, as there will be quite a number of them. At some point, you'll have to contend with a few reinforcements as well, which you can plan for accordingly as they'll be entering the fight through the stairs at the sides of the battlefield.

After the fight, you'll be contacted by your Vox Master from aboard your ship. After some opinions, your comrades and the people around will be looking to you for direction. If you choose the option to ask if anyone knows what's going on, Heinrix will say that there's a growing presence of sorcery which is certainly unheard of in realspace. If you choose the Iconoclast dialogue afterward and prioritize the people as you head to the starport, the citizens will say they'll follow behind you as you fight on through. This option grants you Iconoclast +1.

This begins the final Quest for the first act of the game, The Escape.


The Escape

display the escape main quest rogue trader wiki guide 6008

  1. Reach the starport
  2. Find a shuttle
  3. Protect the shuttles


Following the celebration at the end of the Taste of Victory, a battle against the cultists will commence. Players will be facing 18 opponents surrounded by cultists. Clear the battle to continue. Use the pillars in the area surrounding the vehicle as cover. Take advantage of the positions of your allies and clear ht battle to continue. This will start The Escape. Players will need to make their way to the starport, but will face other combat encounters on the way. Loot the area before you leave then clear any other battles you face on the way to the starport. 

Once you reach the starport you will need to find a shuttle. As soon as you reach the shuttle location, the objective will be updated and a dialogue will begin which will decide the fate of the people. This will be followed by another combat interaction. You will be fighting against only 9 opponents, but Aurora will be a powerful one to face. As soon as this battle is cleared, you are also cleared to evacuate on the shuttle. A cutscene will follow the shuttle which will complete the quest.  

Blades in the Void

blades in the void main quest rogue trader wiki guide 600px 2

  1. Completing Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit
  2. Forge a path to Vheabos VI
  3. Find out what is happening on Vheabos IV
  4. Destroy the xenos and their minions
  5. Wait for a response from Dargonus
  6. Stop the Xenos Raids on your holdings
  7. Answer the call for help from Grantis
  8. Scan Grantis 
  9. Explore the Systems Cinerus Maleficum nebula
  10. Examine the Mysterious object
  11. Stop the boarding party
  12. Explore the plasma drive chambers
  13. Return to Dragonus
  14. Defend the Von Valancius Palace
  15. Return to the ship


Complete Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit to gain the objective to Forge a path to Vheabos VI. Vheabos VI will be in the Mortus Acies system. You will need to scan to reveal a change in the atmosphere before you can go ahead and land on Vheabos VI. On the way there, you will encounter a ship battle to clear against x2 Last Hatred Frigate. Clear them to finally reach Vheabos VI. Explore this location. There will be some hostile Tazarra you will need to fight with. Loot the area before you leave. The raid leaders will have escaped so you will need to wait for a response from Dargonus before proceeding. Eventually, the raids from xenos will occur and you will need to hunt down the leaders who were detected on Vheabos VI. You will need to undergo and successfully complete a number of ship battles to proceed.

Eventually, you will get a call for help from Grantis. Grantis is located within Palatium Stellos and will be marked with a quest objective marker. Begin your scan and Grantis will be added to the worlds of Expanse. Travel there and watch for loot and traps before you encounter the camp. Once you encounter the xenos, a dialogue will begin. Get through the dialogue to clear the battle. Explore the rest of this location and loot the area before you leave. You will be tasked to Explore the systems of the Cinerus Maleficum nebula. 

Exit to your ship to proceed then Open up the inerus Maleficum nebula map to fulfill the objective. Upon exploring the planets of the Cinerus Maleficum nebula, you will also find a Mysterious object marked on the map. While viewing the star map, the objective will be updated and you will be tasked to travel to the mysterious object. Traveling to this location will begin another ship battle you will need to clear. At the end of the battle, an incoming announcement will appear stating that a xenos boarding party has landed and is heading towards a plasma drive. End the dialogue and choose your party members for this objective. This will take you into the Plasma drive chambers to deal with the boarding party. Head in and you will soon encounter them and begin a battle. After successfully stopping the boarding party, you'll need to disarm the explosive device. You may encounter a surviving crew member as you go through the chamber. Deal with him how you like then head to the device to defuse the charge with Demolition. When you are done with this location, return to Dargonus. 

Head back to the voidship then head to Dargonus Mundus Valancius. A ship battle will begin, clear the battle to continue with the landing. Select the party members you wish to take to Von Valancius Palace. A dialogue will begin upon your arrival followed by an attack that will erupt nearby initiating a battle upon approaching. Clear the battles while heading north and defend the Von Valancius palace. Clear the battle and loot the area. Once you are done with this location, return to the ship and speak to Vox Master Vidgis to complete the quest. 


Tattered Spirit

  1. Make planetfall on Footfall
  2. Visit the Liege of Footfall
  3. Wait for the completion of the ship's inspection
  4. Meet with officer's on the ship's bridge


Following The Escape quest, navigate your voidship to Footfall and dock at Void Dock Alpha-Rho. The Liege Representative greets you, but an Anvers gang ambush results in the Representative's death.

Post-fight, a liege servant informs the Liege of your arrival. Head to the Atrium on the opposite side of the docks.

Proceed to the Liege's location, witnessing an argument between Jae and the Liege, triggering the Persona Non Grata quest. Talk to Vladaym Tocara, the Liege, who discusses your arrival and offers quests like Rot and Xenos on the Rampage.

Inquire about Xenos attacks to receive the Angels of the Emperor in the Expanse Rumour. Choose convictions (Dogmatic, Iconoclast, or Heretic) in discussions about Footfall and trade, gaining +3 points in the chosen conviction.

Vladaym Tocara addresses the famine in Footfall, initiating the Hunger's Hand quest. Trade options are available with Vladaym as a representative of the Kasballica Mission.

Upon leaving the Liege's area, Vox Master Vigdis signals your ship's readiness. Return to the voidship, concluding the quest automatically.


Reclaim What Was Lost

reclaim what was lost 7 rogue trader wiki guide min

  1. Complete World Shapers Main Quest
  2. Head to Orsellio Prophecy
  3. Head to Crossroads of a Hundred Dreams
  4. Head to Pillars of Viridice
  5. Clear Inquisition Shipwreck event
  6. Head to Agathus Archides
  7. Head to Agertha II
  8. Head to Tenebris Aquae System
  9. Head to Cranach System
  10. Head to Pulvis Platinum
  11. Head to Silence of Mer-Segrit
  12. Head to Langrenn's Belt
  13. Head to Nameless Star
  14. Head to Forgotten Twins System
  15. Head to Mu-Rho 79
  16. Head to Mundus Valancius


Restore shipments from Janus

Reclaim What Was Lost will start when you enter Telikos Epsilon, start "World Shapers" Main Quest, complete and explore, and then return to Footfall in Furibundus.On your return, expect Cassia's events relayed by Vox Master Vigdis, activating "Stranger Among Her Own" Companion Quest. Navigate the space map to trigger Idira's Companion Quest, "Echo of the Past." Now proceed with completing World Shapers and after doing so, this objective will be completed.


Deal with the disrupted shipments from Kiava Gamma

The order of the system we will complete will be Orsellio Prophecy, Agathus Archides, Adermatt II, Tenebris Aquae, and Cranach. In the Orsellio Prophecy system, some planets offer sparse content, with one providing an opportunity for a skirmish against a couple of raidable ships. Moving to the Crossroads of a Hundred Dreams, it has a few planets for exploration with modest rewards. The next stop is Pillars of Viridice, featuring three additional planets. One, shrouded in ice, has an area called the "Inquisition Shipwreck" to explore. The remaining two worlds lack significant activity. Let's delve into the details of the Frosted World.

In the Frozen World, advance through scenes with scattered loot. The unfolding narrative reveals past events. In an area with cages, a surprise ambush awaits, featuring Poxwalkers and corrupted turrets with deadly firepower. Proceed cautiously, using nearby walls as cover to mitigate the risk of swift elimination. Following this encounter, prepare for the final battle in this location. It involves confronting Poxwalkers and dealing with an Occluding Sphere, which cannot be directly attacked. Instead, repeatedly eliminate Poxwalkers to prompt the sphere to summon new spawns, including a Plaguebearer. Collect items, and find a key on a body to unlock a chest before the hallway with turrets, containing Inferno Pistol and Tempestus Carapace for looting.

Now, let's focus on Agathus Archides. Explore additional planets, starting with a ship that presents a minor event. Engage in the event to uncover the Cargo rumor for Kiava Gamma. Accompany Young-ho Sohn to the bridge, pass the [Willpower] check, and choose the top response consistently. Alternatively, following Captain Venti yields a substantial amount of cargo. Though the planets may seem empty, spend some time gathering spoils. In Adermatt II, explore three planets with limited content. The Recolligers' Plot offers no significant outcomes despite interaction. The Unidentified Voidship requests Flogiston; you can provide it, bid farewell, or choose an aggressive approach. Opting for combat results in a formidable fight, while bidding farewell grants the Pilgrim's Way rumor.

Entering the Tenebris Aquae system is the next step. Upon arrival, you'll immediately come across the aftermath of a space battle. This holds significance for Yrliet's Companion Quest, so be sure to investigate. Interact with the scene and have her analyze the xenoship. Employ [Commerce] and [Coercion] to persuade Chorda to grant you access to the area, which, in turn, will advance her quest. Additionally, on the planetoid within this system, you'll find a mirror that you have the option to take. However, it is advised not to do so. Instead, opt to destroy the mirror.

Next is the Tenebris Aquae system. Upon arrival, investigate the aftermath of a space battle for Yrliet's Companion Quest. Interact with the scene, have her analyze the xenoship, and use [Commerce] and [Coercion] to persuade Chorda for access, advancing her quest. On the planetoid, you'll find a mirror; it's advised not to take it, but rather, choose to destroy the mirror. Moving on to Cranach, our intended destination! Upon entry, a brief event initiates the main quest "Flame in the Dark." Regarding the planets in this system (excluding Kiava Gamma), there's nothing noteworthy. Be prepared for a skirmish against a fleet of ships to land on Kiava Gamma.


Restore the operation of the administrative apparatus on Dargonus

Congratulations on completing earlier tasks. Now, moving on from Kiava Gamma to Dargonus, also known as the "Von Valancius" planet. Backtrack to Telikos Epsilon, where Janus is located, and head northward. Explore other systems along the way, consistently scanning for routes. Begin with Pulvis Platinum, where multiple space dust regions provide substantial cargo. Near a planet, find a "Gutted Voidship," triggering a battle against mutants. In the encounter, discover a small chest in the wall with a Distraction Cape, reducing enemy perception, and the Staff of House Cassini. Moving on to the Silence of Mer-Segrit, discover four planets. The "Desert World" contains a significant find, the Archeotech Mechanism Fragment, one part of a Mechanism. Note this detail, as obtaining the fragment unveils the rumor of the Unknown Mechanism.

Next up is Langrenn's Belt. In this system, explore three planets with no useful resources but scattered cargo and a Ravaged Void Station. Dealing with pirates is necessary to explore the station, which hosts a substantial enemy count. Clear out the enemies to fulfill the Hotbed of Xenoheresy rumor obtained from Opticon-22 in Footfalls. Look for loot, including the Ranger's Visor (+10 bonus to Ballistic Skill) and additional items from named enemies. Our next destination is the Nameless Star, with four planets to explore and a Projection of Warp. Oasis V planet has a toxic Ancient Bunker, draining HP, but passing a [Tech-Use] check opens the door, fulfilling the Unending War rumor. The Warp Projection event allows you to gain valuable experience points by engaging with it.

Advancing to the Forgotten Twins System with five planets, observe signs of a space battle. The "Jungle World" requests provisions; fulfilling it with two grants the Needle Rifle, inducing poison for three rounds. The space battle is crucial to Yrliet's Aeldari in Distress quest; deploy scouts to scrutinize the region. Our course then leads northward. Moving on to the Mu-Rho 79 system with two planets lacking notable resources. At the "Explorator Void Station," exchange two units of fuel for cargo and a Mechanicus Respirator. Now, let's proceed to Latotian's Passage.

Moving on, we come to the Mu-Rho 79 system, which consists of just two planets, both lacking any notable resources but within the "Explorator Void Station," a beneficial exchange awaits—you can provide them with two units of fuel, and in return, receive cargo along with a Mechanicus Respirator. Let's move on to the next one, which is the Latotian's Passage. In this location with two planets, encounter "Unknown Ships." The "Dead World" has "Unidentified Ruins" with a Xenos altar, activating it incurs a Fresh Injury to the party. The "Unknown Ships" are pirates; initiating the attack is advisable for an advantage. Next is Mundus Nullius with no apparent beneficial points of interest, but feel free to explore.

In Mundus Valancius, initiate a conversation with your Master Helmsman about arriving at the designated planet. Before delving into the quest, explore the system. While planets lack content, the Adeptus Mechanicus Ship stands out. Approaching triggers scenes with Opticon-22 and a larger Tech-Priest named Tarzus. Dialogue options lead to a confrontation with Tarzus and other Tech-Priests, providing lore. Loot the bodies and proceed to the Main Quest "Spiders in a Jar" when ready.


Spiders in a Jar

spiders in a jar 1 rogue trader wiki guide min

  1. Land on Dargonus
  2. Visit your chambers
  3. Head to the treasure room
  4. Interact with the chair
  5. Head to the throne room
  6. Talk to Achilleas
  7. Talk to Governor Urbend Drivestem


The Spiders in a Jar Quest initiates upon arrival at the Mundus Valancius System, likely activated if following this guide for the Reclaim What Was Lost quest, which also requires a visit to the system.


Make planetfall on Dargonus

Land at the Von Valancius Palace on Dargonus. Noble figures, including Clementia Werserian and Achilleas Scalander, will greet you during scenes.


Talk to Achilleas

After scenes, regain control and check your map. Party members are nearby; click them for thoughts. Find cargo in containers on the west and east. Head north to Von Valancius Palace. Explore: go up the stairs for chambers on the right, or north for the throne room, guided by a servant.

For the time being, ascend the staircase and turn right to enter your chambers. Once inside, feel free to explore the surroundings and gather any loot available and notably, you can obtain the Breezecatcher Boots from the small hole in the wall near the entrance. However, your main objective is to head south into the adjoining room, resembling a treasure chamber, for you to be able to enter, you must open the passage using the button located on the shelf next to the bed. As you settle down, several options will present themselves. Opt for the following choices. Doing this will net you the Data-Bank With Von Valancius Coat of Arms. 

  • Have a glass of wine
  • Pour a glass of Flame of Purity
  • Choose a book
  • Litanies of the Motive Force
  • Change the music
  • The Symphony of Honour and Duty, Part 2


Once you're done in here, leave your chamber and head north to the throne room. Look around for your party members. Just like before you can't talk to them directly. There are some containers we can loot so make sure to do so then it's time to talk. Let's start by talking to Clementia Werserian on the northern side. There's not much to talk to her about in terms of dialogue options, but she gives you a pretty good idea about what a chancellor does and whatnot.

Subsequently, initiate a conversation with Achilleas, who is near Clementia. While the dialogue options might be limited, this exchange provides valuable insights into the lives of the local nobility. Once you've concluded these discussions, return to Clementia and express your readiness to engage with the Governor. This transition will lead us back to our chambers, where the discussion with Governor Urbend Drivestem will commence. During this conversation, the topic of the outpost Vheabos VI will surface, revealing underlying issues. Additionally, the dialogue may touch upon our experiences in Janus and Kiava Gamma, assuming we've already visited those locations.

As we approach the conclusion of the conversation, a new main quest will be assigned, seamlessly continuing from the current one. Additionally, there's a decision to be made regarding the selection of a noble house to stand beside us during our inauguration. Any of the noble houses present can be chosen for this honor. With these decisions made, the current quest, along with Reclaim What Was Lost Main Quest will conclude, making way for the automatic commencement of the next quest.


JanusWorld Shapers

world shapers main quest rogue trader wiki guide 600px 2

  1. Make planetfall on Janus
  2. Fight off the forces attacking the Estate
  3. Visit the Governor
  4. Gather more information about the rebels
  5. Find leads to track down the rebel leaders
  6. Complete Governor's Aide
  7. New Rumour: Unending War
  8. Conduct the Search Operation from the Voidship by Scanning the Planet
  9. Track down the rebel leaders
  10. Return to the Governor
  11. Return to the Ship


This quest begins as players are invited by the governor to Janus which makes Janus the next destination. Travel to Janus and the ceremony will begin to welcome the Rogue Trader. Once you arrive a sequence will begin, but there will be an ambush.  Get through battle and watch the edges of the arena for any opponents. Following the battle, you need to speak to the governor to see what is going on. The fastest way will be to speak to the Warden. You will have the option to react in a hostile manner, but asking her to take you to the governor. She will take you directly into the palace. the governor will be through the door on the left. Speak to the servant to get in and you will be taksed to gather more information about the rebels that ambushed the ceremony. To find out more, you will need to speak to the people hanging around the estate. Be strategic with your approach so you can find out as much information about the rebels. Look for the following: 

  • Yrliet: Speaking to her will also progress through Governor's Aide. You will have the option to invite her to your party to join you as a companion. 
  • Atilius Quint: Ask him, about the rebels to find more inforamation. You can also gain a new Rumour Quest: Unending War
  • Vinzelex: Ask about Janus and complete the conversation.
  • Security Officer: There will be a rebel hostage situation during this interaction. Use Tech-Use to get inside the building so you can interact with the wounded rebel while he is alive. Pass the Persuasion and Coercion checks in order to gain more information. 
  • Old Servant: Locate the Old servant and press on what he knows using either a DogmaticIconoclast, or Heretical approach.

Following all the interactions, your quest will update and you will need to scan the planet from the voidship. Return to the ship and travel to the Janus Forest. You need to locate the rebel leaders. They will be located in the northwest corner of the map. You can explore the Janus Forest to gain more loot or take the west path as it branches out. You will encounter a few rebel camps to clear out. Keep heading north to be thorough. There will be more rebel camps this way and some wildlife battles you will face. Make your way all the way north to to map out the area including the loot boxes on your map. Once you reach the edge of the map. Head back down and take the west route from the ship. Loot the area and keeping west, head north. This will eventually take you to a river taht you can cross. A pathc of red shubs will be on the other side. You will need to fight off some Janusian Lacerax. 

Press forward once you have cleared all hostiles. You will come cross another bridge, this time made of planks. There is also a rock head just before you cross. Before you approach, disarm the trap. Get ready for battle before you cross. Once you cross, a scene will begin. You will engage in dialgoue with Mauran. This is your chance to convince the rebels to join you to fight against the rebel leaders to make the fight quicker and easier. When prompted choose:  

  1. [Nod at the rebels] What have you done to these people? They believe you are their commanders? 

They may need further persuasion to get them to fight for you. A battle will immediately follow. Be strategic with your appraoch to Mauran since he can easily evade attacks. Clear the fight to progress through the quest. A the end of the quest, you will have the option to also kill off Yrliet during the dialogue. Avoid attacking her to keep her as a companion.  Once you are done and satisfied with your exploration in Janus Forest, return to your ship and travel back to the Governor's estate. 

You'll find her in the same room within her mansion. Speak to her and it will trigger a hostile encounter and she will soon escape. She will put a up a barrier and escape through a back door. Interact with the wall candleon the pillar at the corner of the barrier to disarm the barrer. You will need to use your Tech Use to get through. This will take you into a small corner hallway. Before yo rpoceed, disarm the traps on the ground. There will eb more than one. This will clear the way to loot the box in the corner. When you are ready for the next battle, head through the next set of doors. 

A scene will begin once you get thorugh. Make sure to cleat the Maid of Honour to get rid of the Daemonette opponents that she will be able to summon. Clear Vyatt as well if you get the chance to reach her since she will be able to restore their health. Clearing the Maid of Honour will clear all of them off arena for good though. Once you have cleared the battle, another dialogue will begin and you will have another chance to invite Yrliet to travel. This will complete the main objectives for World Shapers. To complete the quest, return to the ship and decide the fate of this world. 

  1. [Iconoclast] Send provision to Footfall
  2. [Dogmatic] Leave footfall to the depredations of Incendia Chorda
  3. [Heretical]

Make your choice to complete the quest. 


Flame in the Dark

flame in the dark 7 rogue trader wiki guide min

  1. Head to Manufactorium
  2. Activate the Servitors
  3. Engage the Tech-Priest
  4. Encounter Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim
  5. Head to the Dying Priest LocationGet the Flamer Digi-Weapon Ring
  6. Get the Valve
  7. Obtain Von Valancius Coat of Arms
  8. Confront the Tech-Priest Dementz
  9. Defeat the Chaos Marine
  10. Defeat Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim
  11. Get the spoils of battle
  12. Return to the ship


The Flame in the Dark Main Quest begins in the Cranach System, featuring interconnected objectives and quests. These guides simplify navigation, starting with the first objective.


Make planetfall on Kiava Gamma

In the system's southwest, scan the planet, then land at the "Manufactorum." Prepare your party for upcoming battles.


Find out what is happening in the Industrial World

After the brief conversation, advance (the locked case on the right holds only cargo) and access the left door. Inside, encounter five corrupt servitors. To avoid mistakes, save your progress. Enlisting the servitors' help is recommended, and you can initiate this following the upcoming dialogues.

  • What do you find so appalling about this custom?
  • [Observe the servitor] (try passing the Agility check afterward. If you don't you'll take around 7 dmg.).
  • Find the source of the repeating clicks.
  • Requirement: Medical -25, Cut away the tumor-forming on the spinal cogitator. This is the important one. If you fail the check you'll have to fight them.
  • Um... follow your default programming?

After settling, return outside the servitor room and head north for a scene with a Tech-Priest, offering a crucial choice. Any dialogue option leads to choosing between adherence to protocols or attacking. Your decision leads to a fight with the Tech-Priest and others, the location determined by your choice. Opting for the current location means battling Corrupted Servitors and tech-priests, but with five Servitors at your command, it's an advantage to exploit. After the fight, backtrack to where you encountered the first Tech-Priest. If you engaged enemies there, no additional action is needed. If you ascend the stairs, find an alternative route due to the non-functional elevator. Be cautious in navigating an area with scalding steam that can harm your party. Unfortunately, the Servitors will be stuck upstairs, but there's a way to bring them down without a functioning elevator. Return to the Tech-Priest location. If your party suffered steam injuries, heal at the ship before returning. Proceed north to encounter the main antagonist, Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim. Question him, and he'll leave, summoning enemies. No need to worry, there won't be a battle.


Find a way to the heart of the Manufactorum

After the encounter, note a staircase to the north on the left before enemies. Avoid combat and strategically eliminate around five enemies. Ascend the stairs, access the door, be cautious of a trap in the next room, disarm it, and use the console to lower the bridge. Move towards the cracked wall, save your game, and pass the Demolition check. This is crucial to bring the servitors back down for continued assistance. After demolishing the wall, pass the Acrobatics check to reach the other side, where servitors will soon appear. Save your game in this room and inspect the console in the corner. Pass the Tech-Use check, and activate the machine spirit for an enemy demise scene. Loot the box for Medikits and weapons. Save again, use the nearby button to open the large door, and trigger the impending battle by exiting the room quickly. Multiple enemies are present, with the Corrupted Skitarius notably weak and easily manageable. After the battle, engage in typical post-fight activities, including looting corpses. Notice the lowered bridge to the northeast and, before crossing, head north to find a dying Tech-Priest. Initiate a conversation to gather more information about the situation. While his demise is unavoidable, successfully passing either the Persuasion or Medicae checks will earn you additional experience points.

Cross the bridge cautiously, as it's trapped. Send your primary trap spotter alone to detect and your trap master to eliminate traps. Loot a nearby crate for a Multikey and optionally check a console to the northeast. Head south across the bridge to the circular area where Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim was encountered. Note that the southward-extended bridge can be reoriented west or east using the central console. If interested in Heinrix's Companion Quest (not part of the main quest), proceed south, anticipating a confrontation. For the main quest, Secrets of the Cult, use the central console and go east after crossing the bridge. Head north to a fork, then descend the northern stairs and use the eastern console to lower a bridge. Proceed east across the bridge and enter the large door to find chests for looting. Among the cargo is the Flamer Digi-Weapon ring, causing burning and enhancing armor penetration. Return to the upper level via the stairs, go east, and follow the path southward. Ignore the westward stairs and continue south until you find an eastward staircase. Ascend, reaching staircases to the north and south. Halt here.

Climbing north leads to a confrontation with a Chaos Marine. Overcome it, and Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim's arena lies beyond. Temporarily bypass this encounter and head south to inspect mine carts, finding a lootable Valve. Return north, enter the east room, loot the container, and use the valve on the metal component to open the door manually. Exercise caution with traps, find another console inside, request Theodora's data, endure released poison gas, and interact with the console again to obtain the Data-Bank With Von Valancius Coat of Arms. Quickly return to your ship to neutralize poison or toxic effects before revisiting the stairs' location. Proceed south from the Chaos Marine stairs until the corner, save your game, then head west to confront Dementz, a Tech-Priest. Efficiently defeat him, noting the Combat Servitor's high danger level due to powerful blows and thick defense. The Ruststalker throws Mindscrambler Grenades, immobilizing characters. Plan accordingly for victory.

After the battle, head southwest to find a deceased individual with Redemption Gauntlets. Reposition the ladder if interested in accessing the upper region beyond the steam-filled area. Conclude exploration and return north to the Chaos Marine location, ascending the stairs. Trigger a dialogue or initiate a fight with a Chaos Marine and six minions. After the encounter, collect the Arch-Strategist's Mantle from the Chaos Marine's body. Use the corner console to elevate metal beams, then head north. Disarm traps at the stairs' base and create a manual save before the boss fights. When ready, go east to face Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim in a formidable battle. Prepare for the battle by strategically using available covers. Position characters behind covers based on your setup. Face Forgefiends, Corrupted Technomats, and Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim. Prioritize eliminating Corrupted Technomats and the nearest Forgefiend to mitigate potential incoming damage. Utilize Servitors for assistance. After defeating the initial Technomats and Forgefiend, proceed to the next batch.

Maintain your party's formation and gradually snipe the Technomats. During this, Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim will enter the fray, but prioritize dealing with minions first. Once they're eliminated, focus on Delphim. He'll go down quickly. After the fight, check the dead bodies for useful loot. After the battle, loot the bodies, with Cubis Delphim carrying a Shifting Combi-Tool. Save your game, use the nearby exit, and trigger a cutscene where Uralon the Cruel reveals himself. In this encounter, you'll face an Iconoclast and a Heretical dialogue option, choose according to your character's beliefs or disregard both for the Dogmatic path.


The Emperor and My Right

the emperor and my right quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Talk to the Vox Master
  2. Talk to the Master of Ceremonies
  3. Enjoy the Reception
  4. Have a Difficult Conversation


During the events of the Quest Blades in the Void, as you explore the palace and defeat the invaders, you will have another conversation with Celestia Werserian informing you that you have cleared the estate, and this will officially begin the new Quest The Emperor and My Right.

When you're ready, you can return to the Voidship by returning to the area where you first spoke with Celestia Werserian and the prompt to return to the Voidship bridge. After the loading screen, Vox Master Vigdis will welcome you and he will be giving his report and updates regarding the estate. This conversation will also complete the Blades in the Void quest. Shortly after, he will inform you about the preparations for the Magnae Accessio- the grand ceremony of the Rogue Trader's public induction as the heir of the honorable Theodora von Valancius.

Choosing the second dialogue option here will have your Vox Master bid you not to take likely how much they want to gain your favor, and that they're already cleaning up in preparation for the celebration as you speak. The first information will affirm why you need to enact the ritual, and finally, the final dialogue choice will reveal how big of a celebration it will be and that other Rogue Traders will be present. You'll then have more options to continue the conversation.

You can get information by choosing the first two options first if you want. Choosing the third option grants you a +3 in Iconoclast. You'll then have to choose two Companions who will accompany you during the celebrations. This may or may not affect your relationship with them. After you make your choice, your conversation with the Vox Master will end.

When you're ready to progress the Quest, head back to the Von Valancius Palace in Dargonus. Head straight to the throne room inside to speak to the Master of Ceremonies. You can confirm his purpose, as well as the current state of preparations with the first two options, and then choose the third option to progress the Quest. You'll get 70 Experience for doing so. After you end the dialogue, a cutscene will automatically ensure that begins with an announcement made on your celebration, as well as how you chose to start your reign, like distributing rations and a personal fuel cell for the citizens. It will then proceed to show you along with your chosen Companions in the proceedings of the Magnae Accessio. After some introduction, stating some of your deeds and achievements, you'll have some choices on how to address your people.

The Iconoclast option grants you a +3. You'll then be asked to make an oath as the heir to your Rogue Trader empire and will have just one dialogue option to click on. After the proceedings, you'll find yourself inside the palace where you can talk to your charges and various other important people. If you head to the passageway near one of the sets of tables, you'll find Governor Urbend Drivestem addressing a group of people, including Xavier Calcazar himself. You can speak to the group to get various information as well as meet new important characters and get a feel for each of their personalities. Meeting the Inquisitor will also complete the Rumour Warden of the Expanse. You can also get various bonus points and experience depending on how you navigate your conversations. Following through to the end of Astartia's conversation can start a new Contract for Void Beacons. When you say that you're ready to receive their congratulations, they'll start giving you gifts. These will include the Severed Hand weapon, and the Coordinate Oracle helmet.

When you've had your fill of these nobles, you may head to the large room in the palace where you'll be able to find other important characters, including your Companions. You may speak to the groups of people in a similar fashion to possibly get several bonus points and experience. One of these groups consists of your guest Rogue Traders, Calligos Winterscale and Incendia Chorda. Calligos will offer you a gift for aiding him previously. Make sure to thank him through the dialogue options to actually get the Eye of Hecaton weapon. As you continue the conversation, you'll get some information about Incendia's predecessor Aspyce Chorda, who seems to have a really bad reputation.

When you're ready to complete the Quest, head to the Master of Ceremonies in the middle of this room and tell him that you're tired. He will accompany you to your chambers, which will mark the end of the celebration. Unfortunately, things are never simple and easy and your Master of Ceremonies will be knocked out by Heinrix along the way, as the Inquisitor Xavier Calcazar wants to talk to you in private.

If you ask about your Master of Ceremonies, they'll reveal that he will live and was just not allowed to hear about your impending conversation. If you continue with the fifth option, he'll outline your recent achievements and status, giving you the following options to respond with in return:

Each of the topics will have subsequent discussions you'll have to navigate. You'll get an inkling as to how the Inquisition works and the negative position you have as someone who has inevitably inherited all of your predecessor's mistakes and all that she had allowed to fester in her colonies. The fourth option will reveal that you are being accused of something even bigger. These accusations will lead to slight blackmailing, which is a surprising turn of events, considering how straight-laced Xavier seems.

If you choose the first option here, he'll straightforwardly tell you that she did indeed and that even Idira Tlass's existence is something that he merely allows. The second option reveals that the other Rogue Traders have become preoccupied with other things so you and the Inquisition stand to be the only protectors of the expanse. If you choose the fourth option, you'll ultimately have the choice to either let Heinrix go or have him continue as your party member. When you finally choose the fifth option, you'll be gifted with the White Signet of the Inquisition. When you accept the gift, and therefore the deal, The Emperor and My Right will finally be complete, and with it, the second chapter of the game comes to a close.


following breadcrumbs3 quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Find out what is happening at the strange ceremony - A strange gathering in the centre of Footfall is raising questions. The Rogue Trader wants to find out what is going on.
  2. Uncover Fidelio's identity - Who is the mysterious final guest everyone is waiting for at the ceremony? The answer to that may be the key to understanding what is happening.
  3. Settle the inheritance question.
  4. Return and demand answers


Past the Hieronymus Doloroso area, southwest of Footfall's atrium, a large gathering awaits. Upon heading there, a scene with NPC First Mate Daggen as Master Fidelio unfolds. Play along or identify as a Rogue Trader to enter the celebration. The chaplain's speech follows, and control returns to your party.

Interact with the coffin; Abelard notes the deceased, Bellardo, was a famous pirate. Sister Argenta recalls Bellardo as a major donor to the temple. Inspect the book of Remembrance and proceed to the backside, detect a trap, disarm it, and enter through the back door.

As you attempt entry, the clerk seeks your help to replace implants and sell originals. Agree to help, updating the quest and gaining the Hidden in the Furnace quest. If posing as Master Fidelio, request documents to update the quest.

Other NPCs provide quest updates. The Chaplain addresses inheritance, and Adelia, Bellardo's granddaughter, shares insights. Kas Bellardo provides more details on the repentance situation.

Head to the crematorium, loot the area, pass an Athletics check, and enter the furnace. A trap triggers, forcing a quick escape through a breakable area to the sewers.

In the sewers, aid from vagabonds is received. Explore until finding stairs leading to a warehouse. Fight clerks and servitors, then return to the ceremony area.

Entering the ceremony, guests turn hostile. First Mate Daggen and Kas Bellardo unite against you due to Fidelio inheriting the fortune. After the fight, choose to treat wounds, kill Daggen or Kas, or kill both for Profit Factor gains. Killing both identifies you as Fidelio, securing the inheritance.

Following Breadcrumbs

following breadcrumbs3 quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Travel to the Atlas Reach System
  2. Explore the Atlas Reach System
  3. Explore the Voidship


After the events of The Emperor and My Right, you'll find yourself starting from your quarters in the Von Valancius Palace. After the reports from  Clementia Werserian, you'll be free to move out of the room. Yrliet will stop you and ask for a private audience. She'll tell you of what little clues she's found in her search for Crudarach and her people. Confirm your desire to continue helping her and the Quest Following Breadcrumbs will officially start.

When you're ready, head out to your voidship and make your way to the Atlassian Reach System. Depending on how much you've explored thus far, you'll likely have to do some warping before you can actually get to the target system. When you enter the system, your Vox Master will inform you that your scans have not detected any sort of activity on any of the planets. However, they've found a faint signal on a ship near one of the said planets. Yrliet will press you to head to the shuttle, which you'll have to do anyway to progress the Quest.

You can begin exploring the system and scanning the bodies herein. The vessel from which your crew found a signal is at the lower left side of the star system's map, called the Chartist Vessel. When you're ready, fly to it and as per usual choose your party members for exploration.

As soon as you move just a little bit forward, you'll be stopped by a cutscene with some officers of the ship. As it starts, the Quest Following Breadcrumbs will officially be completed. However, there will be a couple of events and dialogue options that will follow before the subsequent Quests actually start.

After you get ambushed and essentially drugged, you'll find yourself in a large chamber, trapped in a cage with blades. Marazhai will approach you as you wake up. You can ask him some questions or give the last option as a violent reaction.

If you ask about your Companions, he'll claim to not know where they are, apart from Yrliet who he says you'll meet soon. If you ask the other questions, it'll be revealed that you've been a pawn in Marazhai's plans all along and that you have a role to play. If you ask about said role, he'll reveal that you apparently have been used all this time by someone else, and it's your role now to help him expose that someone. If you choose the Persuasion check dialogue option here and succeed, you'll have the option to taunt him or strike him as he leans in to listen to you. He'll initially relent to your provocation but eventually compose himself and instead set an unknown parasite by your skin. This bug will begin to burrow its way through your body all the way to your brain.

You'll black out and then wake up to some sort of vision. You'll find yourself in your own voidship, filled with blood and the corpses of your crew. You'll see outlines of people and scenes you've witnessed in the past that try to spell out the theory that Marazhai just revealed to you. When you reach the large model of the Koronus Expanse, you'll find the dead bodies of your Companions on the right side. Make your way past the model and toward your usual seat to find Heinrix, Theodora, and Lord Inquisitor Xavier seated on your throne. Theodora will be accused of collaborating with xenos, thus allowing all her charges to do the same and plunge her protectorate into heresy. This includes you, as her heir. Heinrix will then ask if you admit to these crimes yourself.

You can get some desired bonus points here if you want to, but regardless of your dialogue choice here, the next ones will have you plead guilty or admit to the charges. Essentially, submitting yourself to the illusion you've found yourself in. You'll then be more specifically accused of staging the recent conflicts with the xenos that you resolved yourself to get ahead of your competition. You can try for a Willpower check and bite back if you want to, and get 11 Experience points if you succeed.

Next, they'll call over Yrliet as a witness. To hit the nail in the coffin, she'll present the irrefutable evidence of finding a shard of Crudarach in your room, showing that you had something to do with its destruction. Convinced of your guilt, the "trial" will allow you some final words as a mercy.

Whichever you choose, you'll finally wake up from the illusion and find yourself in a large chamber with Marazhai, Yrliet, and other powerful xenos council members, including a menacing one sitting on a high throne. If you want to, you can try making observations of the people present here before continuing to listen to their conversation. A stranger will disrupt the archon's dismissal of Marazhai. You can take a Lore test by clicking the first dialogue option and observing the new Aeldari. Succeeding will grant you 11 Experience points.

If you continue to listen in on the conversation, you'll find that Marazhai is successful in convincing the council of his master's treachery, but is also seen as a disgrace for not resolving the problem himself and instead crying to the council about it. The council will turn their attention to you, calling you by a different name, and Arebennian will make a laughing remark. The Archon scolds him for it and he retreats with another volume of prose. The scene will end with the guard behind you striking you and knocking you out cold.

You'll wake up on a pile of bloodied corpses, with the aid of the poetic jester that interrupted the trial. You can try to ask him for your current situation, and the situation of your Companions, but you'll just be answered by more poems. Having no choice but to move forward, you'll have to choose to try to stand up or at least figure out your physical state yourself. The jester will give you the Gift From Beyond the Grave weapon to protect yourself with. Your initial attempt to rise will be futile but if you have the Iconoclast conviction, you can choose to rouse willpower from thinking of your people, giving you the permanent Power of Honour effect.

Standing up will start the new Errand Not the Biggest Problem, and the next Main Quests, One Foot in the Grave, and Reunion.

One Foot in the Grave

one foot in the grave quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Escape the corpse dump
  2. Find help


After the events of Following Breadcrumbs, and all the scenes that ensue afterward, you'll find yourself waking up amid piles of corpses in the Chasm. With some unexpected help from the jester from the previous Quest, and possibly some noble motivation to live for your charges, you rouse yourself up, and this officially starts the Quest One Foot in the GraveReunion will also begin alongside this Quest, as you look for your Companions, and Not the Biggest Problem, as you look for your missing boots.

When you're ready, you can make your way out of the corpse dump. The beggar standing up can serve as your source for at least some equipment if you talk to him and end up dispatching him. He'll also have your boots for the Not the Biggest Problem Quest. Head on the path on either side of the corpse piles. When you head up the stairs, the first objective of the Quest will be completed. The path on the right leads to a dead end with some search points though, so if you don't want to explore it head up the path to the left.

You'll eventually come across two beggars thinking of a way to get past some xenos guards. One of them will elect to just try and sneak past, attempt it, and unfortunately die trying. The other will move to the edge of the path where there's a chain link leading to the other side. Click on the prompt near it to presumably use it to cross and get behind the guards. You'll need to pass an Athletics skill check to do so. Otherwise, getting close to the guards will initiate a fight against them, which can be difficult because, if you haven't noticed, you're afflicted with a few debuffs currently.

Past the guards will be some Shriekers doing some training. They'll ignore you for the most part. Head past them and exit out into the Pit. There, move toward the center of the room to meet Malice. If you pass the automatic Lore test, you'll recognize that Malice is a Sslyth and gain 11 Experience. Choosing and succeeding a Medicae test will grant the same amount of Experience, and give you a rundown of how intoxicated most people in the room are, and how much danger you are actually in. If you finally try to speak, Malice will ignore you and one of his servants will try to turn you away in his stead.

If you choose the first option and ask for help, he'll just reiterate that he couldn't care less about you. If you choose the third option, he'll challenge you saying you don't have anything to pay him with. If you then choose the fourth option and try to use the injection he's holding on yourself, you'll burn up from the inside. However, at least he'll be impressed. He'll finally address you and ask you what you want. You can either tell him you want to return home, or that you need a healer. If you say you'll need a healer, he'll ask what you can give in return. If you ask to return home, he'll reveal he doesn't even have a voidship to do that with. Unfortunately, your fortitude will meet its limit at this point and you'll collapse.

When you wake up, you'll find yourself still in rough shape, but at the very least your life is no longer in danger. As you continue conversing with Malice, he'll reveal that you have a Mind Maggot latched onto your spine. He kept it there even as he was rescuing you from the brink of death so that you could do something for him before he fully heals you. He'll want you to kill someone called the Commissar who is trying to mount a rebellion. He'll also mention someone who fits the description of Abelard making his way to the Mangled Sector. Agreeing to the deal, though you probably don't have any other choice, will start the next Quest The Chasm.

The Chasm

the chasm quests world information rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Bring Malice the Commissar's head
  2. Kill Malice
  3. Enter the Dimensional Portal
  4. Survive the battle
  5. Find the Maestro of Flesh
  6. Talk to the Bloodstained Proselytes
  7. Win the Arena battle
  8. Report the victory to Tervantias
  9. Finish off the Wych Keykeross


After you talk with Malice in the Pit, loot the area and arm your character as best as you can for the upcoming fights. There are several pieces of equipment in this area, including the Aeldari Ranger SightHand of Offence, and an Incubus Klaive. When you leave the pit, you can meet Yrliet if she was on your active team during the events of Following Breadcrumbs.

You'll have to involuntarily stop every now and again as a result of the Mind Maggot that's in your brain. From here, head up the makeshift path to the streets of the Chasm. Make your way to the upper right corner of the map. You won't be able to go to the Anatomical Opera, so take the portal nearest to it, at the edge of the area, to get to the lower right section of the map. The lift nearby leads to the Mangled Sector but loot and arm yourself as best as you can in this area as well, before moving forward.

If Abelard and Argenta were in your active team, you can recruit them here in the Mangled Sector. They might be suffering from the same illusory suffering you were subjected to previously, or in some other kind of trouble, so you'll have to talk to them and try to get them out of it. If you do, you'll have them join your party and finally have some helping hands. They likely would've been stripped of all their prior Equipment, so you'll have to arm them as well.

When you're ready, make your way to the upper right area of the map to meet the Commissar. Here, you can choose to work with him and betray Malice or attack him. If you choose the former, the Quest's objectives will be updated accordingly, now asking you to kill Malice. You can keep talking to him to get more information about him, his followers, and what their plan is for this place. 

If you decide to work with the Commissar, make your way back to the Pit. Look for Malice and talk to him. If you want, you can exhaust all the dialogue questions to get more information about him and this place. When you're ready, choose the option to attack him to start the inevitable fight.

You will have to survive alone for the first 2 turns, and then the Commissar and his men will join you. If you want to, you can keep as much distance as you can from Malice so that you don't get flanked and trapped inside his little room. Your new allies will be entering the same way you did, so you can try and limit your movements to that side of the map. This fight is definitely losable if you don't watch your health bars so make sure to keep yourself topped up.

After the fight, the Commissar will open up a portal that he says leads to a dock with a ship you can use to escape. He'll be fending off enemies from the rear while you lead the breakout. You'll have the chance now to loot the battlefield before you take the portal. Malice's body in particular will yield a Fine-Edged Hekatarii Blade, and Reinforced Kabalite Armour. When you're all done, exit through the portal.

On the other side, you'll unfortunately find yourself in the Arena instead of any dock. A powerful-looking xenos, aptly named the Rage of the Arena, will address you and reveal that you've been tricked to arrive here as fresh new participants, as is the usual routine, all while the Commissary makes his escape back through the closing portal. After he gives you the rundown of how things will work, you can ask some questions for information if you want to.

If you choose the sixth option, the dialogue will end and you'll be beckoned to the arena. Someone named Keykeross will unleash some large alien hounds upon the battlefield, and introduce other notable participants - Marazhai, and someone bearing the title of Fleshgorger. Enjoy the epic entrance of the Fleshgorger. When it's your turn, you'll enter the battlefield alongside the grunts that had followed the Commissary. You'll be up against just two Wild Khymeras, but be careful as they have large health pools and strong attacks.

After you defeat them, you'll then sadly have to defeat the grunts you fought alongside with. This should be a way easier fight. When you're done, you'll find the other participants were also able to survive. When you regain control, loot the battlefield as necessary, and then make your way back up the stairs. Head out of the portal to the streets of the Chasm.

The jester from the previous Quests will come greet you here. As usual, he'll be speaking in cryptic poems. You can try asking him about your Companions if you want to, but you'll just be met with the same cryptic messages. Luckily it seems like your character might understand him somewhat, even if you yourself do not. He'll apparently bid you find someone called the Maestro of Flesh. This will update the Quest objectives, as well as start a new Survivor's Revenge Errand.

Move away from the portal, and head past a trio of Drukhari, avoiding the stairs to a dead end. Turn right near another trio of Drukhari and follow the path to the end to find Yrliet, if you brought her along previously. Help her out and forgive her for leading you to a trap to have her join your party again. Do the same for Pasqal by going to the lower right area of the map. Don't forget to arm them both, and then head through the nearby portal to get to the upper right area of the map. You'll now be able to try the lift nearby by talking to Wrack. You can choose dialogue options to provoke him and eventually kill him to loot his body. Don't forget to arm the Companions you reunited with. If you have any looting left to do that previously required stats and Skills that your party now has, feel free to do so.

You can also head back to the Mangled Sector to try and get Argenta back in your party. Chtonos can also be found here trying to attack an Enthralled Marauder. You can engage in a battle with it to kill it to complete the Errand The Chtonos. Be careful though, as it's strong enough to kill one of your characters in a single turn. If you're successful and if you have Pasqal with you, he'll gain the Trenchline Strategem ability. You can then loot it for the Chtonos's Pain Converter, and the Life Sunderer.

When you're ready, head back to the streets of the Chasm, and then head up the lift to the Anatomical Opera. Push through the illusions and make your way forward until you meet Tervantias the Archmachinator. You'll black out and wake up finally healed thanks to the large xenos before you. It seems the Mind Maggot was created by him and he was able to extract it easily. The Stranger vouced for your usefulness, along with Yrliet's, so the haemonculus is ready to put you to work. Ultimately, he wants to use you to humble some fellow xenos. For now, he wants you to meet the Bloodstained Proselytes. Before you regain control, you'll finally be given all your previous Equipment and Items. Make sure to re-arm yourself and your party as necessary. In this endeavor, you should also speak to Tervantias about Idira to get her back, if you brought her with you here previously. Jae can also be found in this area if you brought her previously as well.

Explore the area to also find the Fleshgorger in one of the cages. It seems his name is Ulfar. Speak to him to start the Fury in Chains Errand. You can keep conversing with him to get more information but he'll be a bit guarded for now, understandably. If you head back to Tervantias, you can pan the camera to the balcony above to find Marazhai and Aebys and talk to them, as apparently, they are the Bloodstained Proselytes who are supposedly the champions of the arena. You can try to strike a deal with Marazhai, but his current slavedriver, Aebys, will eventually pull him away.

When you're ready, head back out to the streets of the Chasm. Head back to the Pit to find the Commissary running things again. You can talk to him and try to claim some sort of payment for his schemes, and he'll give you the Commissar Cap. Otherwise, you can also try to kill him and slaughter everyone there if you want a bit of revenge. Alive, he'll serve as a new merchant for you to transact with. You Companions will be scattered throughout this place if you want to talk to them and check on them. When you're ready, head back out to the streets of the Chasm and make your way to the large portal leading to the Arena.

The first fight shouldn't be too difficult and you'll be able to easily, and happily, finish it with all your party members and Equipment back. A cutscene will ensure with the Bloodstained Proselytes. If you nudge Marazhai just a little bit more, he'll finally make the decision to betray you. He'll promptly slay one of the enemies before flipping over to your side, literally. This next fight shouldn't be too hard either, especially with Marazhai on your side this time. You'll have some words with Marazhai after the right, along with your party members, and you'll urge to postpone the discussion to the Shrieker's den. When you regain control, loot as necessary and then make your way to the Pit. Speak with Marazhai to get heaps of information, or confirmation for a lot of suspicions, with regard to everything that's befallen you and your party thus far. When you exit the Pit, you'll find him officially in your party and you'll be able to customize his Skills and Equipment.

Head to the Anatomical Opera and speak to Tervantias to advance the Quest. Apparently the people in charge of the arena are after him now too, along with your party, because you ended up humiliating the Bloodstained Proselytes by defeating their best fighters, and getting Marazhai on your side. Tervantias is evidently panicked. He has deigned to hide in the embrace of Marazhai's previous mistress. He'll bid you enter the arena and fight Keykeross to give all of you a window to escape.

After you end the conversation, explore the area and loot as necessary. If you head up the cages you'll find a mini-puzzle you can solve to get your hands on some more valuable things. Have one person stay with the levers and flip them until you can move forward through the cages. You'll find the Provocative EmitterStinger Ring, and Spiked Boots for your troubles. 

When you're ready, exit out to the streets of the Chasm. You'll be ambushed by some grunts led by a Grotesque. Shouldn't be too difficult of a fight. Once you clear everyone out, you'll be approached by the Stranger again, this time named the Nocturne of Oblivion. He'll have some words for Marazhai, which he smirks to, and if you're of the Iconoclast conviction, you'll understand that he has an escape plan for you: head to the Arena, fight until he presents a portal for your escape, and then promptly leave the Dark City. When he leaves, loot the battlefield as necessary and then head for the Arena.

A Wrack will greet you at Tervantias' behest, and then the real fight begins against a Skilled Beastmaster, and two Khymera Fiends. The creatures will be defending their master while she attacks from afar, so your melee units will have to go through them first. Keep your party members topped up 'cause this is just the first fight. After you defeat her, a Sslyth Military Artist will take her place. Use cover and dispatch of the snake promptly, while still being wary of your own health parameters. Next up will be a singular high-level Grotesque called the Perfect Specimen. Try to spread out against this one so he doesn't deal damage to multiple party members simultaneously, and be wary of its poison gas. Afterward, you'll finally go against Keykeross and her lackeys.

Not too much to be said with this fight actually. They have powerful units, but Keykeross will fall to a few attacks especially if you gang up on her with just a few party members. That being said, they have strong attacks themselves, and their Agonis Pain Engine can hit multiple units at once so don't clump your party members together. After you kill them all, dozens more will take their place, but the Nocturne of Oblivion will pull through and throw smoke on their faces to allow for your escape. The Quest will officially be completed at this point. Loot the arena and then follow where the jester came from and rush out.


  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


Description and Guided Information Goes Here.

Strings of the Puppeteer

strings of the puppeteer infobox rogue trader wiki guide 300px

  1. Find a way to escape Commorragh.
  2. Kill Yremeryss Aezyrraesh.
  3. Activate the webway gate and escape Commorragh.


Once you enter the Reaving Tempest Spire, head up the stairs and a dialogue will play. If you have Marazhai recruited, he'll be forced to be in your main party. After the dialogue with Marazhai, this quest will begin, and you will also have an update for the companion quest Path of the Drukhari. Do note that this area is huge and it can be confusing to navigate. There are also traps placed on floors you'll need to keep an eye out for, and machines placed on walls that shoot automatically. There is a console somewhere in the area that you can interact with to stop these machines from shooting, but you'll need to pass a Lore (Xenos) check to deactivate them.

Now head north and interact with the giant door to go inside. From here, go down the stairs on your right and you'll see a barrier you can remove on the south side. You'll need to pass an Awareness check to remove the barrier. This is mostly to avoid the traps and the machines that are shooting from the other side of the central pillar in the area. Continue heading east and at the fork, head northwest and you'll spot a console that lets you connect the platforms. After activating the console, return to the fork and head northeast, check the northeastern corner of the area to find a Farseer. From here, you can go ahead and disarm a nearby trap then go east and take the stairs down to the south. You'll see a large standing tube and you'll find another Farseer. This is needed for Yrliet's companion quest, The Path We Lost. Now continue heading east, and you'll reach an area where you'll have to engage in combat. You'll go up against some Bloodthirsty Experiment and Disciples of Pain enemies. This is a fairly easy fight, a useful tip here is to immediately get rid of the Disciples of Pain, as they have an ability that buffs the Bloodthirsty Experiments called Frenzy Injection. This lets the Bloodthirsty Experiments attack three times per turn and they take less damage from your attacks.

Once you've cleared the enemies, you'll notice a cage right above you and they are asking for help. This is one of the Aeldari that Yrliet wants you to help from her quest. To set them free, you'll need to activate two consoles, each one located just on each side of the room. After helping the Farseer, you'll have a conversation with them. You can ask what happened with their world and how they ended up in the cage, there will be multiple dialogue options from here, and if you manage to pass the Persuasion check, Yrliet will ask the Farseer to join you and you can help escort them to the webway gate. Now go to the eastern side of the room, you'll find a chest you can loot for a Webway Resonance Device. This is an important item that Yrliet needs in order to activate the warp portal to get you out of here, but this is only really needed if you don't have Marazhai in your party.

You can go ahead and explore the area to find more loot, there are lots of good pieces of equipment scattered around the area. Once you're done, head northwest. Once you go up the step, head southwest to trigger a scene with Marazhai where he shows you his torture devices. Now continue heading north and follow the path until you reach an elevator, this will take you to the next area.

For the next area, disarm the traps that are laid around, make sure to save your game before proceeding, as you will have to fight tons of enemies as you progress. Most of the enemies you'll encounter during this part are pretty easy to deal with, but you might have trouble against two of them. Once you've cleared the enemies, you can loot the area if you wish to do so. Afterward, head north and go up the staircase leading up to the center of the room. Once you reach the top, you'll find Tervantius the Archmachinator. Interact and speak to him, In one of the first dialogue options, there is an Iconoclast check you'll have to pass if you want to continue without engaging him in combat.

Now head to the elevator to the north and use it to reach the final area. Once you reach the next area, go northwest and a scene with Marazhai will play out. This is a part of his quest where he wants to retrieve his electric whip. You have the choice to either let him keep it or take it away. If you choose to take it away, his quest will end in failure, so keep that in mind.

After that, head north to where the large staircase is, it is recommended that you save your game before you proceed, and make sure to prepare your party, once you go up the staircase, you will engage in the final fight for act 3. Once you go up the staircase, you'll see multiple enemies in the area, once you approach them, it'll trigger a scene with Yremeryss. You can ask her as many questions as you want and exhaust the dialogue options before you fight her.

Do note that if you have Marazhai in your current party, make sure that you let him deal the killing blow to Yremeryss to complete the errand Killing Blow. For this fight, you'll find four Incubi in front with Yremeryss behind them with two Grotesque enemies. Once you position your characters, two more Grotesque enemies will appear behind you. Once you shave off half of Yremeryss health, a scene will trigger where she regains all of her health back and activates two turrets in the area. These turrets will shoot at anything in a straight line, so make sure your characters aren't in it's line of sight. But once you've taken care of Yremeryss, both of the turrets will also be destroyed.

Once you've defeated Yremeryss and her companions, a scene with Marazhai will trigger where you get Yremeryss's soul in the crystal. After this, either Marazhai or Cassia will open the gate and a couple of Mandrake NPCs will appear in the area. You can then proceed to loot this place before heading to the portal, once you head to the portal, act 3 will officially end as well as this quest.

The Game Progress Route for this Act is still a work in progress.

The Lord Inquisitor and The Lord Captain


  1. Arrive on Footfall
  2. Talk to Incendia
  3. Wait for Calcazar's Summons


As players manage to exit Comorragh, they will return and regain control of the voidship. As such, advisors will update the Lord Captain regarding the situation on the Expanse while they were away. High Factotum Janris Danrok and Vox Master Vigdis will provide the update and add this quest, alongside Hunting Grounds, Siege of Eufrates II as well as a few rumours..  Xavier Calcazar has declared himself  Commandant of the Koronus Expanse and has issued and order to requisition troops. 

Xavier has set up the base of operations on Footfall, given his estrategic position.

Players will have to complete certain quests before being summoned by Xavier Calcazar.



The Great Judgement

the great judgement gpr rogue trader wiki guide300px

  1. Head to Footfall
  2. Talk to Incendia
  3. Talk to Vladaym Tocara the Liege
  4. Decide to ally with either of them.


Head to Footfall to find Incendia Bastaal-Chorda on Footfall, whom is bringing her own-way of order on the streets. She will tell you that Calligos Winterscale has been branded a traitor, because he is ignoring Calcazar's call, and that she is pursuing the former liege of Footfall, to little success. She states that Hieronymus Doloroso has been sent to convince him to surrender. Players can decide to help her arrest Vladaym or not. Thus enabling The Great Judgement quest.

Players will have to complete certain quests before being summoned by Xavier Calcazar.

Head to the Martyr's Endurance and meet Vladaym. He can be found discussing further actions with Ryzza. The Rogue Trader can decide to arrest Vladaym by Incendia's orders, or, on the other hand, side with him. against the Chorda dynasty. Players can also interact with Hieronymus Doloroso, whom is not really into Incendia's way of doing things around Footfall. Can be converted as an ally if players possess a high enough Conviction. Players can also check on Hieronymus and Vladaym's inventory.

From this moment, you can decide which one of the protagonists you want to help. Vladaym or Incendia. If players help Incendia, she may be recruited as a team member if the given conditions have been met.

If, however, players ally with Vladaym, players can decide what to do with Incendia's body.


Hunting Grounds

hunting grounds gpr rogue trader wiki guide300px

  1. Head to the Nameless Star system and disembark on Quetza Temer
  2. Investigate the landing Site
  3. Find a way out of the jungle
  4. Decide the fate of the Aeldari
  5. Locate the Haemonculus's hideout
  6. Explore Tervantias's refuge


Players receive Hunting Grounds as soon as they leave Comorragh, during High Factotum Janris Danrok briefing. Apparently, Calligos Winterscale has turned his back on the Expanse and his protectorate, by refusing to answer Xavier Calcazar's summon.

Head to the Nameless Star system. You will be contacted by Calligos's Vox Master, Erbreght Ap Daeff. She will ask you to retrieve Calligos fom the planet, and in exchange, she will convince him to side with you on any conflict.

  • Note that Idira Tlass personal quest The Door will also update as soon as you arrive on the system.

While exploring the planet, you will eventually run into Calligos. He is hunting Aeldari as game. In his retinue, there is a priest that will help you calm the forests. Continue exploring as you manage to exit the area. The priest will perform the rite once you reach the village, and players will ahve to tell Calligos they are ready to continue.

You can convince him to leave the planet be, and depending on your actions during the game, he may join your retinue. Even leaving the planet peacefully being a possibility. If not, players will have to choose to side with the Aeldari or with the Winterscale Rogue Trader.

Players will learn about Tervantias's refuge. After the fight with Calligos or the Aeldari, leave the planet and a new location will appear. Head there.



Lair of the Haemonculus

lair of the haemunculs gpr rogue trader wiki guide300px

  1. Search the Laboratory
  2. Kill all the Terviantases!
  3. Explore Tervantias's Refuge
  4. Investigate the rubble


During your stay in the laboratory, there are a few big fights with Tervantias's creations.

  • Players can also complete The Door, Idira Tlass personal quest while exploring the laboratory. Head to the secret wing of the laboratory, to find a Drained Farseer and engage him to complete the quest. You can decide to let Idira use the implant, break it, or let her decide what to do for herself. 

Continue exploring the laboratory until you finally reach Tervantias the Archmachinator room. The fight is long and tough. After completing it investigate the rubble found at the back of the laboratory.


The Game Progress Route for this Act is still a work in progress.

Location Name

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


Description and Guided Information Goes Here.

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