Lore in Rogue Trader covers the past story, the culture and the relationships between the Factions in the game universe. Lore explains how it all came to the present. The Lore of Warhammer 40000 universe is very extense and deep, it tells a story that goes milleniums back to past. Particularly the Rogue Trader story takes place in the Koronus Expanse, in the 41st Millenium.

Learning about Rogue Trader's Lore of the game can help to get a better immersion in the universe and understand better the story behind every event.


Rogue Trader Lore

The Koronus Expanse is vastly controlled by the largest civilization that exists called The Imperium. You will find their members scattered across systems of planets throughout the galaxy. After 10,000 years of conflict within their ranks, their pursuit to be the greatest has led them to become the worst tyrannical regimes ever recorded in history, where every living creature is a witness to the brutal system buried deep in propaganda and fanaticism. The Imperium has created a grim and dark future, where humanity can only dream of survival..

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While on the brink of their kind's extinction, The Great Aeldari Empire has been reduced to its descendants who are now known as The Asuryani, and remain key players in the Koronus Expanse. Some of them survived the corruption of their kind and snuck to craft world vessels. The Asuryanis are Xenos in nature, and yet they appear very human-like because of their bodies, but what truly sets them apart from the others is their ability to harness psychic powers that exceed the potential of any human psyker. This gives them an edge in technology creating devices of crystallized psychic energy, reality-shattering weapons, and absolute armor.

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A more terrifying brethren to the Asuryanis are the Drukhari, who became the embodiment of a living nightmare. The Drukhari created weapons that are designed to inflict torment upon their victims to extract the energy of anguish from their very souls. The raiders of Drukhari will not kill their victims, as they wish to bring them back home to Commorragh to torture, conduct experiments, or throw them in fighting pits for bloodied pleasure.

Victims can only pray to not get captured alive by the Drukharis because if there is a fate worse than death, it is to become a plaything of one of the Drukhari's Masters of Flesh. The Asuryani plan to take over, while the Drukhari raiders could bring down an entire sub-sector into a world of darkness and terror. However, neither of these threats compares to that of Chaos. The powerful forces of Chaos can find their way to bring the most loyal to betray the Emperor and turn them into the slaves of darkness, or mere pawns of the Gods in the Great Game.

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The Chaos Corruption will manifest itself in thousands of forms: diseases that can erase an entire planet's population in weeks, horrifying mutations that twist the host beyond recognition, and madness created by torment in pursuit of endless skulls. These are the adventures that lie in the future of the carrier of a Warrant of Trade-- the vast and unexplored Koronus Expanse awaits the brave Rogue Trader who will travel to every planet where new encounters await them.


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