Quests in Rogue Trader are the story itself, where the player must make a decision in order to complete the quest and pursue a desired path. Quests are generally social, where the protagonist talks to an NPC and Companions to negotiate a situation, to help an ally, or to confront an enemy. Completing a Quest usually gives a reward such as XP, Equipment, the chance to recruit a Companion, and/or access to a new Location. Some of those rewards can be used optionally by the player, and some others are necessary for the completion of the next quest.

Players can access their Journal by pressing J on the keyboard, to check all ongoing Quests, as well as all the completed ones. Completed Quests will have quest completed icon rogue trader wiki guide next to their name, while failed Quests will have quest failed icon rogue trader wiki guide instead. Ongoing quests will not display any icon beside them.

Rogue Trader Main Quests

Main Quests are mandatory events that revolve around the Main Character and the von Valancius dynasty. These events will naturally happen as players explore, which will eventually lead to an Ending. Main Quests may offer different paths and outcomes, and even though no specific result is set in stone, it's still vital to choose one for the story and, or character progression.

Rogue Trader Side Quests

While Side Quests are optional, these are still important as the reward for completing them will help you level up your character and give you valuable equipment that will ease up the completion of the mandatory ones. However, players can finish a playthrough and possibly miss these optional quests, thus locking them out of the experience and rewards.

Companion Quests in Rogue Trader

Companion quests are special missions tailored around the troubles and tribulations each of the Companions at the Rogue Trader's side face.  This creates more personality and broadens the story background of the unique companions available in Rogue Trader. Companion Quests are unique to each character and will usually tackle their personal issues, goals, and other advances. In most cases, players will have to help them overcome their own situations. even so as to being able to determine their outcomes. 

Errands in Rogue Trader

Errands in Rogue trader are a type of quest that players may learn by interacting with NPCs or reaching certain systems. Errands have a single objective and, generally, are relatively easy to finish. They are occasionally started and resolved as part of main quests.

Where to Find Quests in Rogue Trader

As a CRPG game, there are an abundance of Quests available to the protagonist. Quests in Rogue Trader may be received by interacting with NPCs, exploring a new Location, or may be encountered while completing another quest. Main Quests are usually found as you naturally explore the game as they are part of the story progression and character development, whereas Side Quests are optional and may be missable depending on the course of action players take. Completing a side quest isn't required to progress the game but will prove to be helpful and can even reward players with unique Items, Weapons, or Equipment.

Most quests are tied to their respective Act, and leaving a quest incomplete, will render it failed if players move to the next act.

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For the 100% completion of Rogue Trader, there may be certain Side Quests that will be needed to fulfill the achievement. Please see the Trophy & Achievement Guide.


Rogue Trader Quests


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