Status Effects in Rogue Trader are passive effects that affect the characters, making them weaker or stronger, adding conditions to their actions, or receiving some type of damage per turn. Status Effects are a very common mechanic in Turn-Based RPG. These effects can be gained from natural events such as being caught by the rain and getting wet, which may be negative in scenarios where characters are handling electricity or enemies with electrical weapons, and some other effects can be obtained from an enemy, like being stunned by an impactful attack or getting poisoned by a gas bomb.

Some Status Effects are more severe than others, and generally all Status Effects have a duration. This duration may or may not be interrupted by an action, like extinguishing the fire off a companion that is burning.

Wounds and Traumas in Rogue Trader

After falling into a trap or receiving damage that exceeds 50% of their total Wounds within one round, the character receives a Fresh Injury. If the Fresh Injury is not healed within Five rounds with the use of Medikit, it Will turn into an Old Injury. You can also get rid of Old Injuries with a Medikit, however, healing will require an additional Medicae skill check. All Injuries reduce the character's stats, and if three or more Injuries accumulate, they turn into Traumas (the number of Injuries that cause Trauma may vary depending on the difficulty of the game you choose).

If a character who has received three or more Injuries does not heal them in time with a Medikit, they will become Traumas. The number of Injuries that cause Trauma may vary depending on the difficulty of the game you decide) Traumas reduce a character's stats, and also grant an additional negative effect, which depends on the specifics of a particular trauma. Traumas can only be removed and fully healed in the Rogue Trader's private quarters on the voidship.

Types of Negative Effects in Rogue Trader

Under the influence of negative effects, your character's chances of survival are reduced: they receive penalties to their characteristics, skills, or actions, and may also suffer direct damage each turn.
When a character is subject to any effect, a corresponding icon will appear next to their portrait.
There are two broad categories of negative effects: common and unique.

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Types of Effects in Rogue Trader

Characters can receive various temporary or permanent effects that influence, either beneficially or adversely, the affected character's condition.
Such effects can be loosely categorised into three groups:

  • Damage-over-time effects
  • Characteristic and parameter modifiers
  • Control effects

There are two broad categories of negative effects: common and unique. You can learn more about their differences and specific examples by consulting the relevant encyclopedia entry.A damage-over-time effect deals a certain amount of damage to the afflicted character at the start oftheir turn.
Such effects can be removed by using items or abilities.
For example, the bleeding effect deals damage at the start of each of the character's turns and lasts indefinitely, but bleeding can be removed with a medikit.
Some damaging status effects: toxin, bleeding, burning, etc. have a number indicating its power.
For example, burning [4] means that this effect will deal 4 damage every turn, until it is removed.
This number can be modified by a variety of talents, abilities or equipment that can increase or decrease power of the effect.
You cannot stack the same effect, but stronger sources of the effect overrides weaker when applied.
For example, if some creature is currently suffering burning [5], and then got attacked with a flamer with burning [6], it will get burning [6] effect. If it is attacked after that with a flamer with Burning [3], it will still have burning [6] effect.
Characteristic and parameter modifiers can reduce or boost certain character stats. They generally last a limited time and are removed after a certain number of rounds have passed or at the end of combat. An example of such an effect is blinded, which reduces the character's Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill by -30 and their dodge and parry chance by -30%.
1 is the lowest possible value of a stat. No effect can reduce a character's stat below 1.
Control effects rob the character of the ability to perform certain actions.
These effects always have a limited duration.
For example, the immobilised effect prevents the character from moving.


Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader Effect List


Rogue Trader Negative Status Effects

Quick Search of All Negative Status Effects





Suffers fire damage and round.


Suffers damage at the start of each turn.


At the start of every turn, the affected target must pass a Toughness resistance test to remove this effect or suffer damage.


Each stack grants a -10 penalty to Strength, Toughness, and Agility and -1 movement point.


Each stack grants a -10 penalty to any Willpower and Fellowship.


Ech stack grants a -10 penalty to Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Intelligence, and Perception.


Suffers a -30 penalty to Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill, as well as a -30% penalty to dodge and parry.


Suffers a -20 penalty to Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, and Agility.


Movement points are reduced by -3.

Psy Dampening

Psy rating is reduced by-11


While stunned, a character cannot parry, dodge, or make attacks of opportunity.


Immobilised targets do not regain movement points at the beginning of their turn and cannot use abilities that move them or add movement points.

Cannot Attack

Cannot use weapons.

Psychosomatic Trauma

Cannot use psychic powers.


Cannot act and suffers a -30 penalty to parry and dodge.

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