Upgrades in Rogue Trader is the process of enhancing all types of Equipment such as Armor and Weapons. Equipment Pieces can be upgraded to increase their Stats and Rarity and each Upgrade has requirements and costs needed to proceed with the action. In some cases, not every piece of Equipment can be upgraded. Upgrades may need to be performed at specific Locations or with the help of a certain NPC who offers the service.

Effects of Upgrades in Rogue Trader

Gear Upgrades are a common concept across Warhammer 40K games. This covers not only Weapons but also any type of Equipment such as Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Helm that is equipped by the protagonist and any member of the crew. Though there isn't confirmation yet, upgrades on Rogue Traders will probably have a similar system to other CRPG games. Upgrade requirements are typically needed which may consist of a specific Material, a cost, and a Merchant who provides the upgrade service. Upgrading a piece of equipment typically means that you get better gear and would often entail higher stats, and a better armor property in terms of damage absorption and damage reduction.

Upgrading your gear is usually not prioritized over the character stats in Rogue Trader, although this can still depend on your character's progression. You have to weigh the growth scale of your stats , skills, and gear to maximize the resources available to your party.

Upgrade Requirements in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The upgrade requirements of a specific item are usually shown in the in-game item description. However, the Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader is still in beta access but upon launch, this page will cover all the available upgrades in-game which will include the Upgrade Name, the Item required for the Upgrade, and its effects.

Weapon upgrades in Rogue Trader usually focus on a single part of the weapon like its hilt, cartridge, mount, and other attachments. For the Armor upgrades, the material required varies depending on the type or weight of the Armor, then finally, for Ammunition, certain weapons can get upgrades and will also vary depending on the type-- whether it's a Bow, Pistol, Rifle, or throwing weapons.


Rogue Trader Upgrades

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