Factions in Rogue Trader are communities gathered by a common purpose and moral. Each Faction has their own culture and background store behind them. Some Factions are more opened to negotiations and making deals, while others are more closed to their own purpose and they may only be willing to negotiate if they have no other choice. Some Factions may not be very homogeneous and some members in their societies can be found in disagreement, while in some other Factions, a scenario like that would be very rare to see.


Rogue Trader Factions

The protagonist is able to interact with the Factions and attempt to relate with them positively or negatively. Good relationships and exchange of favors can result in the opportunity to recruit a new Companion. The Warhammer 40000 universe is very rich in Faction Lore. Their diplomatic relationships between them are very complex, and their background stories are very deep. Below, you will find the key players in the Koronus Expanse.


The Imperium

Known as the largest civilization that exists in the Koronus Expanse. The Imperium is scattered across systems of planets throughout the galaxy. Their pursuit to be the greatest has led them to become the worst tyrannical regimes ever recorded in history, where every living creature is a witness to the brutal system buried deep in propaganda and fanaticism.

The Imperium has created a grim and dark future, where humanity can only dream of survival.


The Asuryani

The Great Aeldari Empire have been reduced to its descendants who are now known as The Asuryani. Those who managed to survive the corruption of their kind snuck to craftworld vessels. Xenos in nature, the Asuryanis appear very human-like because of their bodies but what truly sets them apart from the others is their ability to harness psychic powers that exceeds the potential of any human psyker. This gives them an edge in technology creating devices of crystallized psychic energy, reality-shattering weapons, and absolute armor.

The Asuryanis and Rogue Traders have a strained history of interaction, often times this would lead to a conflict but charismatic leaders can form an alliance even temporary ones.


The Drukhari

The dark brethren to the Asuryanis, the Drukhari became the embodiment of a living nightmare. The Drukhari created weapons that are designed to inflict torment upon their victims to extract the energy of anguish from its very soul. The raiders of Drukhari will not kill their victims, as they wish to bring them back home to Commorragh to torture, conduct experiment, or throw them in fighting pits for bloodied pleasure.

Victims can only pray to not get captured alive by the Drukharis, because if there is fate worse than death, it is to become a plaything of one of the Drukhari's Masters of Flesh.




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