Romance in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader is a feature that allows the player to interact with specific NPCs. In Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, you are given the option to have a romance sequence with certain Companions and NPCs. But in order to do so, certain conditions must be met such as your character's gender, as well as choosing certain dialogues that lead into a romance, and completing a companion's Quest. This page covers a guide on the character available for romance in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader.

A romance can be ended at any point by talking with the character on the bridge. Multiple characters can be romanced at the same time but after The Lord Inquisitor and The Lord Captain you will have to choose one.


Romance in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader is even easier than in Baldur's Gate 3, with most romanceable characters only requiring handful of very telegraphed dialogue choices before ending up in a relationship. 

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According to Rogue Trader Creative Director Alexander Mishulin, “We have had a lot of fun adding romance to such a dark universe. As you can imagine, romance in 40K is not like it is in other worlds – here, it’s a lot of arranged marriages and political maneuvering. But we’ve had a ton of fun figuring out out-of-the-box ways to incorporate it in Rogue Trader, and we can’t wait for people to see it.”

The player must meet certain conditions, such as the character's gender, since each character available for romance has their own sexual orientation, choosing dialogue lines that lead towards flirting, and eventually into romance, and most importantly, completing a companion's Quest.

Characters that can be Romanced

Listed below are the following characters that are available for romance in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader:


Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader Romance Guide

Players have a few options regarding Romance in Rogue Trader. Not all character can become romantic partners, and the ones available also may depends on the gender of the Rogue Trader.

Cassia Orsellio

cassia headshot rogue trader wiki guide 150.png

Gender Preference:
  • Male Only
Recruited on:

Cassia Orsellio seeks a formal romance. Courtly, slow, and leaving intimacy for the end. As a result, intimate attempts in the first half of the game will be rejected and too many of them will cause her to break up with the Rogue Trader.

Cassia does not like joking about romance. If you tell her twice you want to end your relationship and then that you were joking she will break up with you the second time.

Starting the romance

There are two ways to start a romance with Cassia.

  1. Talk with her on the bridge and ask her about her third eye. Then tell her that you find her beautiful.
  2. Shortly after recruiting her, while the voiship is traveling, there will be a scene where you get to know her. Tell her that you believe you are starting to have feelings for her.

In both occasions she will blush and and you will have the option of telling her that she has captivated you since for first met. This will start her romance. You can also start it by telling her you have improper thoughts but this will make it easier for her to break up with you if you try to be too intimate early on.

Romance events

The following romance events can happen during warp travel:

  1. [Chapter 2] Cassia meets with you in your chambers talk about her hobbies and abilities. Cutting the conversation short at any point or making a suggestion too intimate will count towards her breaking up with the Rogue Trader.
  2. [Chapter 2] Cassia meets with you in your chambers. She pretends to be interested in your books and drops her handkerker. An Awareness check will show she's observing your reaction. Returning it in an amorous way will count towards obtaining her best romance endings. Cutting the conversation short at any point or ignoring the handkerker will count towards her breaking up with the Rogue Trader.
  3. [Chapter 4] Cassia asks to meet with you in your chambers. She fears you will no longer love her as her mutations increase. Refuse to end her romance and you will have two options: telling her how you see her or sleep together for the first time. Picking the former is necessary to unlock her special romance option during her final companion quest.
  4. [Chapter 4] Cassia meets with you at night in your chambers and you will sleep together.
Gift for Cassia

In chapter 2 after the first two romance events have been completed Cassia's valet will bring you a gift and you will have a new dialogue option with High Factotum Janris Danrook to buy Cassia a gift. You can choose the following gifts:

  1. "Send a chest of treasures from distant worlds."
  2. "Find the most exquisite perfume in the Calixis Sector."
  3. "Provide the Sanctum Navis with a singularly superior library." - counts towards obtaining her best romance endings
  4. "Send an embroidery loom. Ladies like that sort of thing." - counts towards Cassia breaking up with the Rogue Trader

A few warp jumps after buying the gift Cassia will invite you in private to talk about it.

Alternative ending to The Price of Power

Romancing Cassia successfully unlocks a new option during the The Price of Power quest to convince Cassia to stay with you instead of remaining Novator. The requirements are the following:

  • Chose courtly options at least 4 times during the romance
  • Cassia was in the party during chapter 3
  • Did not sleep together with Cassia during her final romance event
  • Cassia is on the Freedom or Subservient character development path
Bonus scene

The first time a romanced Cassia is brough near the beach on Governor Vyatt's Estate on Janus it will trigger a bonus romance scene.

Heinrix Van Calox

heinrix headshot rogue trader wiki guide 150

Gender Preference:
  • Female Only
Recruited on:

Heinrix Van Calox is a nobleman and a man of the Imperium through and through. Since his position, he is certainly interested in marriage as a strategy to reach a higher status, and marrying a Rogue Trader certainly does help.

Starting the romance

There are two ways to start a romance with Heinrix.

  1. In the conversation following Gleam of the Final Dawn reciprocate his interest.
  2. Talk with him on the bridge and ask him if he ever feels lonely. Then tell him you can keep him company if he wants.



Jae Heydari

jae headshot rogue trader wiki guide 150

Gender Preference:
  • Male and Female
Recruited on:

Jae's romance can be started either by talking with her on the bridge if she is interested in anyone or by expressing interest in her during her companion quests.

Starting the romance

There are three ways to start a romance with Jae Heydari.

  1. Talk with her on the bridge and ask her if there is anyone in her heart. She will ask why are you asking. Tell her that you are interested in her.
  2. In the conversation after completing Mercantum Tabula Officiale, kiss Jae.
  3. During the card game in Jae Heydari's Celebration, either request a kiss from Jae or tell her she is beautiful.
Bonus quests

If a romance with Jae Heydari is started you will gain two bonus quests.

  1. In Chapter 2 you can get A Gift for Jae Heydari
  2. In Chapter 3 you can get Reunion Party
Romance events

The following romance events can happen during warp travel:

  1. [Chapter 2] A few warp travels after starting a romance with Jae High Factotum Janris Danrok will inform you that Jae has been using the dynasty's coffers. You can tell him to bring Jae to ask her about it and she will explain things in more detail. How you reply does not affect the romance but siding with Jae will unlock an additional line of dialogue with her on the bridge.
  2. [Chapter 4] Jae pays you back for everything she took and tells you she feels a commoner like her cannot be together with a rogue trader. As long as you don't agree with her the romance will continue.  Telling her you become who you pretend to be will count towards obtaining her best romance ending.
  3. [Chapter 4] Jae waits for you in the pool in your room and you can join her.
Bridge symbol

A short time after starting a romance with Jae Heydari you will notice a symbol on the bridge, located between the Koronus Expanse map and the elevator to the Lord Captain's quarters. You can pass a Lore (Imperium) test to find out more about it, as well as call Master Helmsman Ravor, who will tell you Jae ordered it to be painted. You can call Jae to ask her more about it and then decide whether to keep it or order it washed. If you order it washed it will disappear next time you return to the voidship.

Sleeping with Jae Heydari

During the next warp travel after completing A Gift for Jae Heydari, assuming there are no more pressing events, you will find Jae in your room. If you do not turn her away she will sleep with you. For the reminder of the game you will see "{rogue trader name} + J" carved into the headboard of the bed. When you return to the bridge you will find everyone nervous and avoiding your gaze. Speaking with Vox Master Vidgis will reveal Jae left a vox open in your bedroom that broadcasted what happened to the entire ship. You can bring in Jae to ask her why she did it. You can forgive her, end the romance, tell her to leave the ship, or kill her.

Janusian Lacerax

After the quests World ShapersA Gift for Jae Heydari and Mercantum Tabula Officiale have been completed, within a couple of warp jumps you will go to your bedroom and find Jae with a Janusian Lacerax she brought you as a pet. You can either accept it or refuse it. If you accept it you can name her Death, Beauty, Dargona, Ravora or Sirocco. She can be found on the voidship bridge and you can pet her.


marazhay headshot rogue trader wiki guide 150

Gender Preference:
  • Male and Female
Recruited on:

Unlike other companions, Marazhai has two kinds of romance. He can be either the dominant or the submissive partner. The role can be changed early in the romance but acting opposite of how you did so far too many times will cause Marazhai to break up with the Rogue Trader.

Marazhai seeks a brave partner, whether dominant or submissive. Being reluctant to face danger too many times will eventually cause him to break up with the Rogue Trader.

Starting the romance

A romance with Marazhai can be started by asking him in chapter 3 why he joined you. He will ask why you offered him to join and you can say it's because he intrigues you. He will want you to submit to him and you can and if you either don't pull away or begin to dominate him the romance will start. The choice will also affect whether the romance will be dominant or submissive.

Marazhai's gift

If Shards of the Tempest has been completed and Marazhai is being romanced he will approach you and offer you a choice of three gifts phrased ambiguously. If you accept the gift you will have to choose whether to try it on yourself or Marazhai. Refusing the gift or choosing the dominant/submissive option opposite to what you already chose will count towards Marazhai breaking up with the Rogue Trader.

  • "Thousands of touches" gives a Wych
  • "Smothering passion" gives a Sslyth
  • "Perfect ecstasy" gives an Engine of Pain
Romance events

The following romance events can happen during warp travel:

  1. Marazhai approaches you and invites you to go to the lower decks and kill people. His dialogue depends on whether he is the dominant or submissive partner. If you refuse the romance will end. If you agree you can further influence who is dominant and who is submissive in the relationship.


yrliet headshot rogue trader wiki guide 150

Gender Preference:
  • Male and Female
Recruited on:

Yrliet wants a romance that focuses on two souls understanding each other. She loves if you see the world as something greater. She loathes intimacy, as passion endangers craftworld aeldari's souls to She Who Thirsts. Expressing desire for intimacy before starting her romance will prevent it from even starting and doing it too many times at any point afterwards will end the romance. The romance is also ended if Yrliet is physically punished at the beginning of chapter 4 or if you do not try to save her during her second companion quest.

Starting the romance

Yrliet's romance can be started either during an event in the second warp travel after recruiting her (assuming there are no more pressing events) or at any point afterwards by talking with her on the bridge and expressing a desire to understand her.

Romance events

The following romance events can happen during warp travel:

  1. [Chapter 2] Yrliet answers the question you asked days before (aeldari perceive time differently) and teaches you to see the spiritual meaning in the aeldari names. Acting too much like other imperium humans will count towards Yrliet breaking up with the Rogue Trader. Refusing her answer will end the romance.
  2. [Chapter 2] Yrliet meets with you in your chambers talk about the drukhari and notices the things weighting on your soul. She will offer to help and you will meditate and interact with everything weighting on your soul and brush them away. The final vision will depend on your current conviction. If you are romancing other characters too you will have the option to talk about it at the end but does not affect the romance. Refusing Yrliet's help or making intimate suggestions will end the romance.
  3. [Chapter 4] Yrliet approaches you to tell you she has no regrets that she developed feelings for you. She will let you see her inner world and if you accept she will finally see you as an equal. If you refuse the romance will end.



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