Classes or Archetypes in Rogue Trader determine the character's abilities, stats and proficiencies. Each class has its own skills that the player will obtain as they level up by gaining experience. Some classes also have subclasses that the player will be able to choose. Classes are very well balanced, so there's no "better" class, so players can choose a class according to their personal playstyle. But still, we can compare them by difficulty. There are some classes that are easier to use for beginners or for players who are new to the game genre.

Different from Backgrounds, Classes are not heavily loaded with Lore information, and are more about technical aspects of the protagonist's abilities, strengths, proficiencies and skills that they will earn from the beginning to the end of the story.

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No Mere Man Am I

There are humans uncountable that inhabit the God-Emperor of Mankind’s million worlds, but few are those who have both the wherewithal and opportunity to stab out at the teeming horrors of the galaxy. But those with both are fearsome soldiers indeed. For they wield a might and pluck unlike any other, a refusal to capitulate to even the worst life has to offer. And through them, the archetypes of war in all their glorious horror make themselves known.

Archetypes are development paths that your characters follow. Each archetype encapsulates a unique set of skills and expertise and represents a specific combat specialisation, from the front-line warrior to the indispensable leader preferring to command from the rear. Choose who you want to be in the grim dark future of Warhammer: 40,000 Rogue Trader.

Rogue Trader Character Creation Guide


Can I Respec in Rogue Trader?

Yes, players can respec their characters in Rogue Trader. Even their Companions. In order to do so, they have to interact with High Factotum Janris Danrok, while at the bridge voidship. When interacting with him, you have to select the "My retinue and I are in need of training." option. Players will then have the option to select which character they want to respec and click the accept button. After confirming their selection, their character will be back at level 1. (The voidship can also be respecced by doing this)


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Rogue Trader Classes

Classes or Archetypes are development paths that your characters follow. Each Archetype encapsulates a unique set of skills and expertise and represents a specific combat specialization, from the front-line warrior to the indispensable leader preferring to command from the rear. The archetypes work in combination with your Homeworld and Origin. Archetypes are divided into 3 tiers: Basic, Advanced, and Exemplar. During character creation, you can only choose an archetype from the Basic level, and when you hover your mouse over the different archetypes, you can see which Advanced archetype will be available for you once you reach level 16. Once you reach Exemplar at level 36, you are able to choose abilities from the previous two archetypes you've chosen and advance them further.


Level 1 Archetypes in Rogue Trader (Basic)

warrior archetype rogue trader wiki guide150px

Warriors are combatants boasting exceptional melee prowess, capable of dealing high damage in close quarters combat and withstanding heavy amounts of damage. They also excel at drawing enemies' attention from less defended allies.

Core focus: melee, movement and dodgearmour and parry, taunts, soaking damage.

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Officers use their Willpower and Fellowship to improve the combat capabilities of their allies, turning them into even greater threats on the battlefield.

Core focus: extra turns, single target buffs, rescuing allies, momentum.

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An Operative uses Intelligence and Perception to find and exploit weaknesses in an enemy's defences. None can withstand an attack from an Operative.

Core focus: precise single attacks, defence penetration, area debuffs, consistent firing position.

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A Soldier is a master of all ranged weapons, quickly able to assume an advantageous position, from where they stand ready to rain fire on the enemy. While well-trained in a highly diverse range of arms, a Soldier is particularly proficient at blasting their targets with burst fire and area weapons.

Core focus: movement and ranged attacks, cover and dodge, burst fire, area attacks.


Level 16 Archetypes in Rogue Trader (Advanced)

assassin archetype rogue trader wiki guide150px

Assassins are masters at identifying the slightest vulnerabilities of priority target and dispatching them by any means necessary.

Core focus: high damagedodge and dodge reduction, threat elimination, hit-and-run.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-requisite: Warrior or Operative

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An unstoppable force on the front line and a beacon for their allies. Even when facing extremely heavy fire, a Vanguard only grows stronger in the crucible of battle.

Core focus: frontline leader, defensive support, temporary wounds, absorbing attacks, attack redirection.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-requisite: Warrior or Officer

bounty hunter archetype rogue trader wiki guide150px
Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are methodical killers who leave trails of dead bodies in their wake. A Bounty Hunter chooses their next target before the previous one has even realised it's dead.

Core focus: critical hit, defence reduction, killing priority target, repositioning.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-requisite: Soldier or Operative


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Master Tactician

The Master Tactician gains stacks of tactical advantage as they gain momentum in combat. They can then spend those stacks of tactical advantage on Press the Advantage Keystone Feature which gives them extra damage for every stack they consume. As they progress, they can unlock abilities like Inspire, which allows them to target an ally and give that chosen ally the bonuses of tactical advantage.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-Requisite: Soldier or Officer

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Grand Strategist

Master of battlefield positioning for them and their allies, the Grand Strategist is able to increase the battle effectiveness of their whole squad by designating and strengthening important parts of the battlefield.

Core focus: battlefield control, ally buffs, unique utility, enemy debuffs.

Level 1 Archetype Pre-Requisite: Operative or Officer

arch militant archetype rogue trader wiki guide150px

An Arch-Militant is a master of all weapons imaginable, able to pick and choose effective combinations, making the most of them. Be it melee, or ranged, or anything in between - the Arch-Militant is the best at it, and becomes stronger and stronger with each second in battle.

Core focus: versatility, large template attacks, self-empowerment, switch hitting, crowd control

Level 1 Archetype Pre-Requisite: Warrior or Soldier


Level 36 Archetype in Rogue Trader (Exemplar)

exemplar archetype rogue trader wiki guide150px

As previously mentioned, the Exemplar is the final progression track where you'll be able to choose abilities from the previous two archetypes you've chosen and advance them further. Depending on the two archetypes you chose at level 1 and level 16, the talents, skills, characteristics, and other stats.





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