Origins in Rogue Trader are past stories that can be given to the main character in order to fill their individual lore with a past that goes better with the characterization the player wants to give to their protagonist. Origins not only add Lore content to the protagonist, each Origin comes with a range of special bonuses, Abilities, and Stats buffs. This along with the Homeworld and Archetype will define how your character will play and fight. Origins are generally very well-balanced to one another, so there is not a “better” Origin to choose, other than what's best to your personal gameplay style.

Triumph and Darkest Hour in Rogue Trader 

Triumph and Darkest Hour are, respectively, your biggest feat of greatness and your lowest moment before becoming a Rogue Trader. They will play a role in the story as you explore the Koronus Expanse and help flesh our your roleplaying experience.

Origin Features and Talents

When planning how your character is gonna play, you must take into account several things that shape your character's Abilities and Talents. In Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader your “class” is gonna be the combination of HomeworldArchetypes and Origin picked at Character Creation giving you an incredible breath of different Builds to try and make work. Origins provide and focus on a central ability that will be usable in battle, as well as several Characteristics and Skills modifiers to specialize you character. They will also open the choice for different talents that will interact with that ability further empowering it and adding bonus effects. 

Rogue Trader Character Creation Guide



Rogue Trader Origin 

Once the cradle of childhood releases you from its embrace and allows you out into the wider galaxy, you must become someone who can stand on their own and fight against the multifaceted horrors and strife that wayleighs the Imperium of Mankind day-in and day-out. It goes beyond whatever lessons you have learned from your home. Now, you must take what you have and refine it further, sharpen it into a blade with which you can fight and defend yourself with. And in the Imperium, there are as many paths to pursue in this regard as there are stars in the night sky.

But only the most capable can pull from adversity the wherewithal to survive, thrive and succeed.

Playable Origins




navigator portrait


Only playable if you remove Cassia after chapter 1


Unplayable Origins




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