Homeworlds in Rogue Trader are the possible planets from which the player character can originate. The choice of homeworld adds extra bonuses to your characters, such as additional TalentsAbilities and bonus to different Characteristics. They also affect your characters lore in the game, the game will react with different quests and dialogues depending on your choice of Homeworld, Origin and Archetypes.


Humble Beginnings

Whence Greatness Rises

Even the lowliest of serfs can, with dedication and opportunity, rise up to the very pinnacle of Imperial society, gilded in honors they have claimed through dedicated service and boundless courage. But they are defined by their home just as much as the inciting moment of greatness that diverted the course of their life.

Throughout the Imperium, a million worlds pledge themselves to the Master of Mankind and offer what they have to bear, so the great machine might continue plodding along. Civilized, feral, feudal and so many more. Where you hail from can be as varied and diverse as the skin tones of mankind. But they are each unique, each imparts vital lessons that help shape an Imperial citizen into who they are and what they can bring to bear against mankind’s enemies.

Rogue Trader Character Creation Guide


Homeworld Choice in Rogue Trader

When planning how your character is gonna play, you must take into account several things that shape your character's Abilities and Talents. In Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader your “class” is gonna be the combination of Homeworld, Archetypes and Origin picked at Character Creation giving you an incredible breadth of different Builds to try and make work.

Take for example a Warrior, depending on your choice of Homeworld you can empower certain aspects of play that will differentiate them. A Death Worlder will be less intelligent than say an Imperial born human but trade that stat penalty for better strength and agility than the Imperial World bonus offers. The choice of Talents opened by having picked a certain world will also be very important to whatever build you plan to do. 



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