Convictions in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader represent the main characters (and its companions) moral compass in the grimdark universe of the 41st Millenium. Each of these Convictions have 5 levels of adherence and to show how the choices made by the player impact its character they will provide several buffs when leveled. Some items will also require a minimum advancement in a certain path to be used. The story will also react to the players choices and the ending of the game will be affected by their position. 

Power Through Belief

Spread all throughout the Imperium of Mankind are a trillion-trillion souls trying to eek out some meager existence amid the most brutal regime imaginable, and each one carries with them their own beliefs. A set of principles and guidelines to steer themselves through the insanity of the forty-second millennium. Often believing in them strongly enough to find strength from their beliefs and morality. Whether it be devotion to the God-Emperor and His innumerable civic institutions within the Imperium, in your fellow man, or in your own self-interest, everyone has something or another that the little voice inside preaches about. But with so many cultures, so many sects of faith, it becomes an insurmountable task at keeping all of them in order.

Thus it falls to the Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy to sort out, define and standardize the many schools of thought spread throughout mankind’s domain. Many of which can fall under one of three of the utmost categories of thought found throughout His dominion. And these three are known as DogmaticIconoclast and Heretical.



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All Convictions in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader 


Belief in the holiness and infallibility of the laws of the Imperium. Adherence to the precepts of the God-Emperor and the holy chosen ones, carrying out His will to the ignorant and unruly masses. Unfettered hatred of the enemies of Mankind, be they traitors, heretics, xenos, or servants of Chaos.

To be counted among the teeming trillions of those who believe in the holiness and infallibility of the Master of Mankind and His innumerable institutions, laws and civic bodies is to be among the majority of the Imperium. You believe that His works and His empire are, above all else, paramount and must need protecting, even if it comes at the expense of individuals. Oft this means adhering to the principles of those who came before, the blessed chosen few, and then bringing these to the ignorant and unruly masses.

Hatred of Mankind’s endless tide of foes defines a member of the Dogmatic school of thought well, whether they be traitor, xenos, mutant or a servant of the Ruinous Powers. And treading down this path often provides the follower with greater boons.

  1. Follower 

    Grim Determination:
    The Rogue Trader and their allies gain a +10% chance to survive with 1 wound instead of falling unconscious.
  2. Adherent 

    In the first round of combat, all critical hits scored by the Rogue Trader's party inflict Burning. In addition, all fire damage suffered by enemies is increased by +1 for each Conviction: Dogmatic rank. Burning: at the start of every turn the affected target suffers 10 damage and must pass an Agility resistance test with a −10 penalty to stop burning.

  3. Votary 

    Path of Redemption:
    Any momentum expenditure by the Rogue Trader and their allies, including heroic acts, is reduced by −20%.

  4. Fanatic 

    Piercing Resolution:
    Once per battle the Rogue Trader may choose an ally (including themselves). For 1 round all the target's weapon attacks ignore enemies' armour.

  5. Zealot 

    Instrument of His Will:
    Until the start of their next turn, the Rogue Trader becomes immune to any attacks from daemons and xenos, and all daemons and xenos in a 5-cell radius consider them a priority target. Can only be used once per battle.




Belief in the value of human life and freedom. Faith in the power of good will, capable of overcoming the horrors and dangers of the universe without the need for artificial prohibitions. The desire to seek out common ground and compromise rather than uncompromising destruction.


Belief in humanity, in compassion and the importance of an individual rather than the vast, labyrinthine institutions of the Imperium is a rare oddity oft afforded to the select few with the power to do so. Many of these attributes have died out in the common man, so desperate are they just to find their next meal, but the vestiges of humanity, a belief in the value of human life and freedom, cling on tenaciously even amid the dark squalor of the forty-first millennium.

Seeking out compromise and understanding, even with those who might be considered foes, is the foremost tenant of this school of thought, rather than engaging in uncompromising destruction. And treading down this path often provides the follower with greater boons.

  1. Follower 

    Above the Thundering Guns:
    The Rogue Trader and two random allies start combat with temporary wounds equal to (their own resolve).
  2. Adherent 

    Master of Command:
    In the first round of every combat, the Rogue Trader and their allies gain +(2 + Rogue Trader's Iconoclast rank) additional MP.

  3. Votary 

    Courage and Steel:
    The Rogue Trader and their allies need 30 less momentum to activate a heroic act.

  4. Fanatic 

    Transcend the Potential:
    Once per battle the Rogue Trader may choose an ally. The target ally may immediately use their heroic act without spending momentum. Not applicable to allies whose heroic act is on cooldown.

  5. Zealot 

    Any attacks from allies that may hit other allies will be dodged if possible. Any allied ability that may target an ally and has a resistance test will be resisted by allies. 




Devotion to the corruption and taint of the warp through total submission to the basest and darkest impulses of the soul or constant worship of the ancient gods of the Immaterium.

Beyond the realm of compassion and selfless service to something greater, holier than one’s self lies that of self-interest, devotion to things darker and more malevolent, and a belief in what amounts to poison to one’s very soul. In this grim millennium where the worship of dark gods rips through the material world and belief in nothing but one’s own self-interest runs rampant, there are an increasing number of selfish people who would see themselves rise at the expense of all else. Whether by abusing the corrupting influence of the warp, worshipping foul entities or engaging in whatever base, dark impulses lie within the human heart.

That is what it means to follow in the footsteps of the Heretical school of thought. And treading down this path often provides the follower with greater boons.

  1. Follower 

    Resource Preservation:
    The Rogue Trader and their allies gain a +20% chance to save a combat stimulant or a medikit after using it.

  2. Adherent 

    Destroy the Weak:
    For the first round of combat, everyone in the Rogue Trader's party gains a 25% chance to regain 1 AP after killing an enemy, however triggering this effect immediately manifests psychic phenomena. Does not reset the cooldowns of attacks and abilities.

  3. Votary 

    Gifts of the Warp:
    Any psychic phenomena increase the momentum of the Rogue Trader's party by +(2 to 10) instead of decreasing it by −(1 to 5).

  4. Fanatic 

    Once per battle the Rogue Trader may choose an ally (including themselves) and grant them a +20 bonus to all their characteristics for 2 rounds. After the effect fades, the target falls prone.

  5. Zealot 

    Power From Beyond the Veil:
    All weapons on the battlefield become warp-imbued for 1 round, gaining bonus damage equal to +(veil degradation level) and an additional +(5 × veil degradation)% armour penetration. Can only be used once per combat.

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