NPCs or Non-Playable Characters in Rogue Trader are all the individuals in the game that the player can interact with. NPCs are different from Enemies, as they at least can have a minimum conversation with the protagonist. NPCs can provide information, trigger events, and give Quests to the party. Some NPCs may only make a comment as part of the ambience of the scenario, while others may have a lot more protagonism and may be seen many times throughout the story.

  • For playable characters that can join your party, please check the Companions page.
  • For non-playable character that trade with the Rogue Trader, please check the Merchants page.


Interactions: Accepting Quests from NPCs in Rogue Trader

Players will be able to encounter different types of NPCs in Rogue Trader. Many characters are able to help you in your journey and will offer a wide array of services to help you progress your character or the story. There are Merchants who may sell items, offer services, and others who provide quests to provide information and will later reward you with items, XP, and others.

As a CRPG game, we are expecting that Rogue Trader can possibly implement a Merchant relationship, wherein players may gain favor the more they interact or complete a trade with them. This could possibly mean getting reduced prices from them or even accessing a different panel of Merchant inventory. However, this is not yet confirmed but we think that it would be exciting to have this feature in Rogue Trader.

Available NPC types in Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader is a CRPG that is possibly filled with different Merchants and NPCs that players can interact with as they explore the Koronus Expanse. The game is progressed by discovering unexplored galaxies and the possibilities of meeting new NPCs are endless. We are hoping that there will be available NPCs in each location, and possibly, each of them will have different items sold. This can make the item availability much larger while making the traveling much more necessary.



All Rogue Trader NPCs

Players will encounter NPCs as they travel through the planets within the Koronus Expanse. They can interact with players to provide them with quests, services, and background information. NPCs provide insight into their way of life which can be part of the game's main story. Some characters are more important than others because of the services they offer, and the roles they play in the life of the Main Character.


Rogue Traders


Voidship Officers


 Other Npcs



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