The Eleventh Hour

In the life of every Imperial servant comes a time to act and stand tall before the weight of ignominy crushes them into nothing. A moment of triumph to earn accolades and glory, to prove themselves before the Master of Mankind and all their peers. But that eleventh hour is never the same for each man, woman, or child. Nor are the consequences of their momentary bravery the same throughout the years. But above all else, no one they touched in their moment of triumph will ever forget the feats of heroism they witnessed on that day.

Astra Militarum Commander

astra militarum female


Apex of Brilliance Through reforms and leadership, you restored a broken Imperial Guard regiment to its former martial glory.
Illustrious Glory You and your Guardsmen defended a shrine world and received a high commendation for your feat.
Feat of Greatness You utilised your talents as a commander to achieve a great victory over the Ruinous Powers.



femalecomissar rt

Apex of Brilliance You played a key role in exposing a conspiracy among your superior officers in the Astra Militarum.
Illustrious Glory Your name has become a synonym for loyalty and valour, and your visage has adorned many Imperial Guard propaganda posters.
Feat of Greatness You directed a heroic attack of an Imperial Guard regiment that breached the gates of a fortress held by heretics.


Crime Lord


Apex of Brilliance You managed to corrupt an entire star system and turn it into your personal den of thieves.
Illustrious Glory You stripped an Ecclesiarchy cardinal of a priceless treasure that had been kept in one of the most secure sanctums of the Adeptus Ministorum.
Feat of Greatness You prevailed in a bloody shadow war against the void pirates of your sector.


Ministorum Priest

adeptus ministorum rt male

Apex of Brilliance By destroying the very foundation of a heretical teaching, you brought down a dangerous schismatic sect.
Illustrious Glory You have been deemed a worthy successor to a higher-ranked hierchon of the Ecclesiarchy.
Feat of Greatness You heroically rescued a priceless relic of the Imperium from the clutches of heretics.


Navy Officer

imperial navy rt male

Apex of Brilliance You lured a pirate squadron into the gravitational tear of a star, thereby destroying the whole fleet through your cunning alone.
Illustrious Glory Your ship became the first to take a now-reclaimed warp route to a cluster of Humanity's lost worlds.
Feat of Greatness Under your command, a voidship braved a terrible warp storm without a single casualty among the crew.



nobility rt female

Apex of Brilliance Your strong presence and persuasiveness stopped a feudal war between neighbouring systems.
Illustrious Glory You were named planetary governor and survived, having made useful connections on both sides of the law.
Feat of Greatness You had a rival noble house's reputation destroyed and its members exiled from the sector.


Sanctioned Psyker

sanctioned psyker rt male

Apex of Brilliance Upon solving the mystery of a powerful psychically active xeno-artefact, you managed to destroy the creation of countless enemies of Humanity.
Illustrious Glory You single-handedly saved a pilgrim ship by stopping a warp breach while travelling through the Immaterium.
Feat of Greatness The power of your sorcery crushed a daemon of the Archenemy and drove it back into the warp.



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