Thrive Through Adversity

But where there is one defining moment of triumph for a servant of the Master of Mankind, there are often far more moments of loss and tragedy that define who they are. It is the sad fact of the 41st millennium. For in a time of endless war, failure reigns king. Yet for those who would reach a pinnacle of triumph, there comes a moment in which the greatest failure they shall ever know rears its head—their darkest hour.

Each one is different, but they are all of a truly horrific caliber of life-changing.

Astra Militarum Commander

astra militarum female

Grim Portents You lost an entire regiment to the Immaterium during a Geller field failure, yet you yourself emerged unscathed.
Brand of Shame As the commander-in-chief of a disastrous military campaign, you were buried in shame.
Shadow of Torment Captured by heretics, you suffered unbearable torture at the hands of Humanity's enemies.



femalecomissar rt

Grim Portents The souls of all who perished in a brutal offensive still haunt your nightmares and torture your soul.
Brand of Shame Falsely accused of cowardice, you were forced to suffer through a humiliating tribunal.
Shadow of Torment You were attacked by a group of renegade Guardsmen during a mutiny and were beaten half to death.


Crime Lord


Grim Portents An inauspicious deal with the wrong people resulted in the rise of a Chaos cult and the horrific massacre of innocents.
Brand of Shame You turned your partners in to the authorities and became known as a traitor.
Shadow of Torment You were arrested and thoroughly interrogated using creative and violent methods.


Ministorum Priest

adeptus ministorum rt male

Grim Portents Your sermons are dark and ominous, for the visions that inspired you were just as lightless and disturbing.
Brand of Shame You renounced your mentor and testified against him in the Ecclesiarchy's court.
Shadow of Torment Your ordainment took place after a trial of faith by devotional torture.


Navy Officer

imperial navy rt male


Grim Portents You have journeyed through dark and forsaken systems, and the things you have seen have left a mark on your soul that will never heal.
Brand of Shame Once in your past, when the temptation of easy gains got the better of you, you resorted to piracy and were caught red-handed.
Shadow of Torment Your ship was boarded by pirates and you barely survived, enduring many horrors during your time in captivity.



nobility rt female

Grim Portents The mysterious tome that was discovered in your family library exacted a terrible toll on your mind.
Brand of Shame You are a bastard, an illegitimate member of a family that immediately turned its back on you.
Shadow of Torment You were kidnapped for ransom, and your captors mistreated you up until the moment you were released.


Sanctioned Psyker

sanctioned psyker rt male

Grim Portents You were accused of being possessed by a warp entity and forced into exile, leaving your soul forever scarred.
Brand of Shame Your sorcery caused a warp manifestation aboard a voidship, claiming thousands of lives in the end.
Shadow of Torment An error during the sanctioning process brought you many hours of agony, which nearly cost you your life.


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