Void Shadows

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Release Date Aug 8th, 2024
Available Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Steam Deck.

Void Shadows is a DLC for Rogue Trader, Which launches on August 8th, will allow players to delve into the depths of their voidship to fight a new enemy that is trying to bring down the von Valacious dynasty from the inside. The expansion will add two new archetypes with unique abilities, new lore content, a new companion, the Death Cult Assassin Kibellah, new crew members, new locations, and more. All the content will be seamlessly integrated into the main campaign, so it will be possible to bring the new companion along in base campaign's quests and use the new archetypes freely.



What is the Void Shadows DLC?

Lord Captain!

Urgent report from Warhammer Skulls 2024! The whole of the Koronus Expanse is abuzz — encrypted transmissions report that the release date of the first DLC for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader has been uncovered. The Void Shadows DLC will reveal itself on August 8!

Brace yourself, Lord Captain! New adventures await you in the Koronus Expanse — thrilling, bewildering, ominous. Engage with the sinister representatives of an ancient Death Cult, and with their aid, uncover the menacing secrets concealed in the darkest corners of your voidship.

Welcome a new companion into your retinue — Kibellah, a skilled Death Cult Assassin. As you get to know her, you may begin to take a different view of your faith in the Emperor. collapse.


Void Shadows Features & Content

  • A new story — Enjoy 15 hours of tense, new adventures on board the voidship with unexpected threats, various quests, two new archetypes with unique abilities, and new lore content, all fully integrated into the main campaign.
  • А new companion — Gain the loyalty (and possibly love) of Kibellah, a Death Cult Assassin ready to pledge her life in service of the von Valancius dynasty just as her predecessors did for generations before her. This new companion will have romance options as part of the new story. 
  • New crew members — Interact with high-level officers integral to the player’s voidship operation. These new crew members play a significant role in the new story.
  • А new looming threat — Arising from within the deepest and darkest bowels of the player’s very own voidship is the malignant Genestealer Cult – a horrific breed of xenos who work from the shadows and infect your crew with their genetic code to convert them and slowly twist their loyalties for their wretched goals.
  • New locations to explore — New quests mean new nooks and crannies hidden around the voidship where no Lord Captain has explored before, until now.
  • New feature of the voidship — Upgrade your voidship with a new hangar, able to launch groups of fighters and bombers to succeed in desperate, massive space battles or even bigger threats.  


New Locations



New Quests



Death Cult Lore

A "Death Cult" is a group within the Imperium that expresses their worship of the divine God-Emperor through the art and exploration of death. Such cults produce some of the finest assassins in the galaxy, which are sometimes employed even by the servants of the Emperor, such as the Inquisition.

Death and blood underpin Human existence. It is a common truism that only through continued blood-sacrifice in the face of a hostile universe will Mankind prevail, a sacrifice likened in the Imperial Creed to the bodily sacrifice of the Emperor Himself.

So it is in these beliefs that Death Cults flourish within the Imperium, a dark shadow of the more readily recognised sects of the Imperial faith, making them some of the most dangerous heretical cults that the Inquisition can encounter. Some are no doubt deluded, corrupted by the Ruinous Powers or swayed by far older and more terrible influences, but many are devout followers of the Golden Throne.

To these individuals, every death, every cut, every welling of blood is an act of worship to the immortal Emperor of Mankind. Such Death Cults can vary widely in purpose, creed, makeup, and scope, but even the least suspect walks something of a tightrope between the sublime and the damned.


Genestealer Cult Lore

A Genestealer Cult is a xenos-worshipping secret society made up of and controlled by Tyranid Genestealers that thrives in the dark corners of the Imperial underworld across the galaxy. Secretive, stealthy, and utterly malignant, Genestealer Cults are the cancers growing unseen in the hidden spaces of Mankind's realm.

Their purpose is to rise up and take control of Imperial worlds in the name of a xenos god that is actually a Tyranid Hive Fleet. Once the world is under their control, the cultists' psychic emanations are picked up by the closest Hive Fleet's extension of the Hive Mind which is then drawn to consume the world, cultists and all.


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