Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit

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Previous Quest Blades in the Void
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Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit is a Quest in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader. Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segcrit can be acquired in Chapter II, and tasks the Rogue Trader with protecting valuable cargo from the Drukhari spaceships.


Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit Information Rogue Trader

Achilleas Scalander has reported new information about the planned attack. The xenos are already preparing to strike - the Rogue Trader must act immediately. 


Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit Objectives

Arrive in time to help the voidship


Rogue Trader Attack in the Silence of Mer-Segrit Walkthrough

This quest will be received 3 warp jumps after the Vheabos VI colony is obtained. You will be directed to go to to the Silence of Mer-Segrit system and save an attacked voidship. Unlike other quests in the game, this one is timed. If you arrive within 3 warp jumps after the quest started you will be able to save the voidship. If you do not, the voidship will be destroyed.

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Regardless of whether you arrive in time or not, you will need to fight a space battle against 2 drukhari frigates and 3 drukhari destroyers. If you arrived in time to save the voidship the drukhari will focus its attacks on it and you will have to protect it.

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Important NPCs Attack in the Silence of Mer-Secrit Rogue Trader

  • Vox Master Vigdis


Rogue Trader Attack in the Silence of Mer-Secrit Tips & Tricks

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